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What Are The Education Requirements For Licensed Make-Up Artists?

Makeup artistry is a diverse and growing field, which is reflected in the training you can get at different cosmetology schools throughout the United States. In general, licensure is not required for makeup artists in most states. Because of this, you may not need to complete a specific amount of training hours or even a specific curriculum.

Different training programs cater to varying levels of skill and specialty areas. For example, some programs are intended for people who have never applied makeup for anyone but themselves in a casual setting. Others are intended for those who have more advanced skills. While some schools concentrate on makeup for daily use and special events, others specialize in theater and stage makeup. Since you may not be restricted by state-mandated training requirements, feel free to spend some time evaluating different programs and choosing the one that is best suited to you.

While looking into programs, keep in mind that different employers may have their own training standards, even if makeup application is not regulated in your state. You may want to look at the training expectations of local employers to help in your school choice.

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What Are The Initial Licensing Requirements For Make Up Artists?

With very few exceptions, makeup application is not a field that requires any licensure or certification. If you look at beauty careers that do require licensure, such as cosmetology, nail technology, and barbering, you’ll notice that most of those paths require practitioners to use potentially dangerous chemicals in their day-to-day work. As a makeup artist, the only tools you use are brushes, sponges, applicators, and various types of makeup. These tools are not inherently able to harm, disfigure, or otherwise hurt a client, so you do not need a license.

Since licensure is not required as a general rule, you need to make potential clients and employers feel confident in your skills in other ways. Many makeup artists create portfolios that show off their best work, the range of their work, and some of the clients that they are most proud of. Doing this can help you market your skills, prove that you really know what you’re doing in the world of makeup, and help clients decide whether or not your style and techniques fit what they want.

Will I Have to Renew My Make-Up Artist License?

Unless you live in one of the few areas where makeup artist licensing is required, license renewal is not something you need to worry about throughout the course of your career.

However, there are some things you should take away from the license renewal process if you want to make the most of your career. Licensed beauty professions often require practitioners to complete continuing education to maintain an active license. Continuing education can be an excellent addition to your makeup artist career. You may want to check out continuing education programs and local salons, beauty supply stores, makeup manufacturers, and beauty expos. Change is constant in the beauty industry, but it’s particularly important when it comes to makeup application, as colors and application techniques are always adapting to new styles.

Just as some employers may have training requirements for makeup artists, some employers may insist on continuing education as part of your employment. ongoing training is an excellent way to improve and adapt your skills.

Can I Use My License in Other States?

One of the biggest benefits of working in makeup artistry of the fact that you can pretty much take your career wherever you want to go. Unless you are moving to a state where makeup artistry is a license application, you do not have to worry about license reciprocity or license transfer requirements. If you are moving to a state where this is a licensed career, you’ll likely need to supply proof of your education and your work experience since completing your education. Even with this documentation, it is likely that you will still need to take the licensing exam in your new state.

If you are creative, artistic, and great at working with people, makeup artistry may be the perfect career for you. Take the next step now by contacting makeup artist training programs in your state.