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Makeup Artist Licensing in Louisiana



Louisiana Makeup Artist License Requirements

If you want to work in the world of beauty in makeup artistry, you are probably wondering what the makeup artist license requirements Louisiana professionals need. Since 2003, Louisiana has separated out the permit for makeup application from cosmetology and esthetician training. If you want to earn your makeup permit in Louisiana you must complete 40 hours of relevant curriculum at an approved Louisiana cosmetology school. The cost of the permit is $25, and you can find the application here.

You may want to consider cosmetology and esthetician programs, which can help expand your skills for employment as well. Check out our pages dedicated to:

Louisiana cosmetology programs
Louisiana esthetician programs

If you think you would also want to work with hair and nails, a cosmetology program might be a good fit, since you will likely enroll in a school that offers this type of program. Or you can choose an esthetics program, which may include the 40 hours of relevant training to earn your makeup permit.

If you just want a makeup focused program that meets your makeup permit requirements, contact the schools listed here to start the conversation!

Education Requirements to Get a Makeup Artist License in Louisiana

To earn your permit in Louisiana, your first step is comparing makeup schools and their curriculum. Not all programs are the same. Some will help you prepare for Louisiana makeup license permit requirements, while others will just focus on make up techniques.

Makeup artist courses in Louisiana may include:

• Bridal
• FX
• Film/TV
• Theater
• Photography/modeling
• Daytime/evening

Be sure to ask each school you speak with how they help students who want a makeup license prepare for state permit requirements.

The curriculum required for the Louisiana makeup permit is:

• 2 hours facial cosmetics and composition
• 2 hours of study and 2 hours of practical work in facial shapes
• 2 hours of study in makeup cosmetics
• 3 hours of study and 12 hours of practical work in makeup application
• 3 hours of study and 4 hours of practical work in evening makeup
• 1 hours of study in safety and sanitation

How to Get a Make Up Artist License Renewed in Louisiana

No matter what route you take to earning your makeup artist license Louisiana requirements, you will want to understand the renewal process to stay current and legal to work in this occupation. To renew your makeup artist permit, it will cost you $25. Whether you earn your makeup permit, cosmetologist or esthetician license, you will need to renew by the last day of your birth month.

Ready to put your creative beauty skills to work? Contact the makeup artist schools near you to compare their programs today!