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Makeup Licensing in North Dakota



Make up Artist License Requirements in North Dakota

There are many types of makeup artist careers available in North Dakota. Whether you want to work in salons, spas, film or TV, advertising or other related areas of makeup, the first step is finding the right training. The first thing you want to plan for is obtaining the right skills through a quality makeup artist program. The next step is learning about licensure.

North Dakota does not have a makeup artist license. To work as a professional who applies make up for financial compensation, you will need to earn your esthetician license, in addition to your makeup specific training.

If you want to look into esthetician programs as your route to a makeup license, use the link below to get started:

North Dakota esthetics and skin care programs

While it’s true that esthetician programs include makeup curriculum, this type of program is generally not a substitute for focused makeup training. But having both types of programs under your belt can greatly increase your skillset and make your services more attractive to clients and prospective employers.

Are you ready to talk with makeup schools near you? Simply use the listings on this page to find the right make up artist training as quickly as possible!

Education Requirements to Get a Makeup Artist License in North Dakota

Even though you may not have to earn a ND makeup artist license, you should strongly consider taking a makeup artist focused program. This will give you the makeup artist courses you need to work in a variety of roles.

If you have several makeup artist schools in your area, you should contact them all to compare the benefits, duration, cost, curriculum, financial aid options – and anything else that may concern you.

Makeup artist courses in North Dakota:

• Facial structure
• Daytime & evening
• Bridal
• Special effects
• Character
• Runway model
• Advertising photography makeup
• Airbrush

How to Get a Makeup Artist License Renewed in North Dakota

North Dakota requires professionals with their esthetician’s license to renew by the 31st of December every year. If you do not renew your license within one year after it expires, you will have to apply to have it reinstated. The cost to renew is $15. And makeup artists in this state do not have to worry about taking continuing education courses to keep their license current. However, these are often good opportunities to learn new skills and brush up on knowledge in safety and sanitation.

Take the next step towards a makeup artist career in North Dakota. Discuss your goals in makeup and the beauty industry with advisors at schools near you. Use our listings to get started!