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Makeup Artist Licensing in South Carolina



South Carolina Makeup License Requirements

If you train to become a make up artist in South Carolina, you can work in several types of environments . This creative, social career path can lead you to jobs in film, television, advertising, theater, salons, spas, and more.

There isn’t a designated makeup license South Carolina offers professionals in this occupation. Instead, those who want to apply makeup for financial compensation can do one of two things: earn your cosmetology license or your esthetician license. Both of these program types can be a good supplement for your makeup education. A cosmetology program will give you hair and nail skills, while an esthetician program can help you learn waxing, hair removal, facials and other head and back related skills.

Do you want to learn the requirements for earning your esthetician or cosmetology license in addition to information about makeup artist programs? If you do, then just visit these pages to get the big picture…

South Carolina cosmetology programs
South Carolina esthetician programs

No matter which path you take towards the makeup artist license requirements in South Carolina, you will want to compare makeup artist programs that align with your career goals.

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Education Requirements to Get a Makeup License In South Carolina

Since there aren’t specific requirements for make up artist programs, you have an opportunity to shop around and find the best fit for your aspirations. For instance, you may take makeup artist courses that focus on an area of specialization, or you can take a program that includes all areas of make up.

Makeup artist courses in South Carolina:

• Theater
• Wedding
• Runway model
• Color theory
• Facial structure
• Film/TV

Makeup schools will also have varying costs and fees, timeline for completion, learning outcomes, and other deciding factors. Make sure you ask lots of questions to instructors and advisors at each school you speak with. This is your opportunity to map a career path in the world of makeup!

How to get a Makeup Artist License Renewed in South Carolina

If you complete esthetician or cosmetology training to earn a ‘makeup license’ South Carolina will accept, you should understand the process for renewal to remain eligible to work.

In South Carolina, all cosmetologists and estheticians licenses expire on June 30th on every even numbered year. South Carolina requires a minimum of 12 continuing education hours in conjunction with renewal. The cost for renewing these licenses is $52 – unless you forget and miss the deadline. In that case, you’ll pay $152 to renew.

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