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Makeup Artist Licensing in Hawaii



Hawaii Makeup Artist License Requirements

If you want to earn a makeup license in Hawaii, there are two paths into this career. The Department of Commerce and Consumer affairs handles professional and vocational licensing in Hawaii. This includes the types of beauty operator licenses that you can earn to work as a professional makeup artist in this state.

Whether you want to work in a salon or spa, or on set for film and TV shoots, you will need to complete training and go through the following steps to become licensed in Hawaii.

To work as a professional makeup artist in Hawaii, you will need to earn your Beauty Operator license in the Cosmetologist or Esthetician licensure categories.

Cosmetologist training requirements

1800 beauty school hours or 3600 beauty apprenticeship hours

Esthetician training requirements

600 beauty school hours or 1200 beauty apprenticeship hours

For both makeup license equivalents you will need to:

• Complete Beauty Operator and Temporary Permit form
• Submit qualification documents proving your education and training
• Pay $20 application fee and $40 temporary permit fee

If you want to know more about becoming a licensed cosmetologist in Hawaii, visit this page for more information.

To find out how to become a licensed esthetician in Hawaii, you can go here to connect with esthetician and makeup artist schools.

Education Requirements to Get A Makeup Artist License in Hawaii

The makeup artist courses you take will depend on which route you choose to take as you pursue a career as a makeup artist. If you just want to focus on makeup and learn some additional facial skin care techniques, you may want to stick with an esthetician program.

If you want to learn additional skills like haircutting and design, you may want to consider a cosmetology program. Both types of programs will give you knowledge in the area of make-up, but there will be other topics that are distinct to each type of program.

Common Hawaii makeup artist courses may be found in the following topics:

• Daytime & evening makeup styles
• Special occasion and Bridal trends
• FX, stage and film makeup
• Foundation and corrections
• Photo shoot and runway makeup
• Airbrush techniques

How to Get a Make up Artist License Renewed in Hawaii

Makeup artists in HI who earn their cosmetology or esthetician license in Hawaii will need to renew it by December 31 in every odd-numbered year. You will want to keep your address up-to-date with the state agency, since they mail out reminders to all license holders about one month before the expiration date. The cost to renew your license is currently $100.

Get ready to put some spark – and sparkle into your makeup artist aspirations! Contact the makeup schools listed in our directory to learn more about Hawaii cosmetology and esthetician programs today!