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Makeup Artist Licensing in Alabama



Alabama Makeup Artist License Requirements

Working as a makeup artist in Alabama can lead to many colorful career paths in the beauty industry. Whether you want to work in a salon, TV studio, film industry, or prep models for photo shoots, you’ll need to earn your esthetician’s license to apply makeup for compensation in this state.

As your first step, you’ll need to complete at least 1000 hours of education and training. Then you’ll need to first pass a written esthetician exam, and then pass the practical exam given by the Alabama Board of Cosmetology.

It is important to earn your esthetician license before pursuing a career as a makeup artist for several reasons. Aside from being a state requirement, you will want to certifiable proof to show clients you have the skills they expect from a professional makeup artist. And, you will want the personal confidence that earning your license adds to your professional resume.

Esthetician License Requirements

Before you jump into the written test for estheticians in Alabama, you should complete an esthetician program at a beauty school in your area. The courses will help you develop an understanding of the theory professionals need to fully grasp, as well as provide hands-on experience that will prepare you for the practical portion of the exam.

The written test will cover several scientific concepts and skin care services, including:

• Infection control procedures
• Safety procedures
• Human physiology and anatomy
• Skin analysis
• Cleansing procedures

The best way to prepare for your license requirements in Alabama is to get the right education at a beauty school in your area.

If you want to know more about earning your esthetician’s license and how to find programs in your area, visit our page dedicated to Alabama Estheticians.

Take a few moments to contact and compare several esthetician programs in your area to make sure you choose the right one for you.

Education Requirements to Get A Makeup Artist License in Alabama

Since you will need to complete at least 1,000 clock hours to earn your esthetician license to apply makeup in Alabama, you’ll need to enroll in a local beauty school that covers all the essential safety and sanitization topics, as well as the foundational techniques and hot trends you need to know.

Taking makeup artist courses in Alabama will always be your first step towards professional success.

Esthetics and Makeup Artist Courses in Alabama

• Sanitation
• Corrective makeup
• Color theory
• Facials
• Skin types and facial shapes
• Brush types
• Makeup for different demographics (teens, seniors, men)
• Seasonal, daytime, evening
• Client communication
• Professional skills
• Ethics
• Makeup removal
• Marketing and promotion
• Waxing

Add some color to your career, and apply the foundation on which you can build a beautiful career. Contact schools in your area today to learn how quickly you can become a makeup artist in Alabama!

How to Get a Makeup Artist License Renewed in Alabama

For make up artists with their esthetician license, Alabama requires you renew your license in odd-numbered years during your birth month. For example, if you were born in April, you would have to renew your license during that month in the years 2017, 2019, 2021, and so on.

If you miss the deadline for makeup license renewal, you will be assessed a $50 late. And if you fail to renew for more than 4 years, the state of Alabama requires you to pass the practical exam and pay back any past due fees associated with your license.

If you are wanting to renew your esthetician makeup license in AL online right now, you can go ahead and visit this link to get started. For salon owners who want to renew their salon’s license, you can go here to initiate that process.

Are you ready to become a makeup artist in Alabama? Contact beauty schools in Alabama today to find out more about their makeup artist courses and esthetician programs!