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Get Answers to Your Top Cosmetology and Beauty School Questions



Before you take the leap and begin your cosmetology journey, it is not uncommon to have a variety of questions such as how much is cosmetology school going to cost? Or, how do I know which beauty school is best for me? ¬†You may not even be sure which cosmetology field you wish you specialize in. Should you focus on makeup artistry or esthetics? What about becoming a nail technician or maybe even only focusing on hair design? Don’t sweat it, that is why we are here!

We want you to, not only, be 100% comfortable in your decision to join the cosmetology industry, but also in your choice of school. Take some time and search through the most commonly asked questions among past and present students interested in the cosmetology, beauty and wellness industry to ease your concerns.


Barber Licensing
Cosmetology Licensing
Esthetician Licensing
Electrologist Licensing
Fashion Designer Licensing
Hair Braider Licensing
Hair Stylist Licensing
Makeup Artist Licensing
Massage Therapist Licensing
Nail Technician Licensing
Permanent Makeup Artist Licensing
Salon Manager Licensing

Basic Cosmetology School Questions

What are the state requirements to go to cosmetology school?
How can I prepare for cosmetology school?
Will beauty school provide me with a cosmetology kit to complete my program?
What comes in a standard cosmetology school student kit?
Why should I go to cosmetology school?
How long will it take me to complete cosmetology school?
How can I pay for beauty school?
Do different programs cost different amounts?
Are there any other cosmetology fees to be aware of?
What is the total cost of beauty school?

Licensing Questions

What is cosmetology license reciprocity?
How do I obtain my cosmetology or beauty license?
What are the licensing requirements for cosmetologists?
Is continued education required for cosmetologists?

Obtain Your Cosmetology or Beauty License

Research State Requirements
The Written Exam
Preparation for the Written Exam
Signing Up for the Exam
Waiting for the Results
Cosmetology Licensing Reciprocity

Picking a Program

How do I pick the best cosmetology program?
What is the difference between cosmetology school and beauty school?

Massage Therapy Questions

How do I choose a massage therapy school?
What will I learn in massage therapy school?
How do I become a massage therapist?

Esthetic/Skin Care Questions

How do I become an estetician?