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Makeup Artist Licensing in Arkansas



Arkansas Makeup Artist License Requirements

Arkansas boasts a thriving film community, and many other industries that offer makeup artists career paths. If you are ready to pursue your passion for this dynamic niche in the field of beauty, you’ll first need to get licensed.

Earning your esthetician license is the proper way to work legally as a makeup artist in AR. The license examination follows the same testing guidelines, format, and standards of the NIC testing that is nationally recognized as the standard for all professional cosmetologists and beauty professionals.

Here is a quick overview of AR makeup artist requirements for estheticians:

• Costs of practical test is $65
• Cost of written exam is $60
• Location for practical portion of test takes place in Little Rock, AR
• Completion of 600+ hours of esthetics instruction in an approved school of cosmetology is required
• Must be 16 years of age or older
• Must have at least a 10th grade level of education
• If you hold a license from another state and want to transfer it to Arkansas, you must complete one of these reciprocity forms

For more information about esthetician programs and schools in Arkansas, visit this page to learn more.

If you are ready to learn more about makeup schools and programs that can help you work as a makeup artist in Arkansas, use the schools on this page as the starting point to your next career in the creative world of makeup.

Education Requirements to Get A Makeup Artist License in Arkansas

While there may not be a set guideline for makeup license courses that is used by every cosmetology, esthetician, or makeup program in the state of Arkansas, the expectations for professionals are clear. If you want to choose a program that will cover the topics and information on the NIC examination, then you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the materials right now. You can find an outline of the written test on the NIC website.

Makeup classes in AR that can prepare you for the state examination include:

• Sanitation and infection
• Human Physiology and Anatomy
• Skin Analysis
• Exfoliation Methods
• Skin Histology
• Facial Treatments
• Cosmetic Ingredients
• Dermatological Terms
• Plastic Surgery Terms

Makeup artist courses can be found in the following specialties:

• Theatrical
• Bridal
• Seasonal
• FX
• Male and senior makeup
• Color theory

If you want to be a makeup artist, Arkansas schools offer programs that can give you the skills you need to thrive in this profession. Contact the programs on our site if you need to learn how to apply.

How to Get a Makeup Artist License Renewed in Arkansas

The cost of an esthetician license renewal in the state of Arkansas is $50 biennially, or every two years. If you want to renew online, you can do it right here.

The month that you have to renew your license is the same as your birth month. You can also renew your license by mail. If you let your license expire more than 30 days then you will have to renew my mail. And you may renew your license for up to 5 years after its date of expiration.

If you are moving out of state, you can complete a Certificate of Record application for a fee of $50.

If you want to know more about renewing your esthetician makeup license in Arkansas, or discuss makeup artist career paths, we recommend talking to beauty schools. They can help you navigate towards a career in this dynamic field of beauty!