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Makeup Artist Licensing in Florida



Florida Makeup Artist License Requirements

The law is very clear about the requirements for earning your makeup artist license in Florida. Unless you are applying make up for customers in a retail environment, you will need a license to perform makeup work for paying clients. With a booming film and entertainment industry; especially in Orlando and Miami, makeup artists can choose a variety of colorful career paths.

Enrolling in a makeup artist, esthetician or cosmetology program will help ensure you have the quality of skills that paying clients expect. Whether you are getting a bride ready for her big day, or prepping a model for a photo shoot, you will want to have a firm understanding of the latest trends and foundational skills that will make you successful.

To earn your makeup license, Florida requires that you choose one of the following:

Cosmetologist licensure
• Facial Specialist license
• Full Specialist license

Cosmetology licensure requirements:

• Cosmetology Written Clinical and Theory test – $15.75 plus a $30 review fee
• Cosmetologists are required to complete 1200 hours of education
• Pay $63.50 license application fee
• Florida requires 16 hours of continuing education courses before each renewal

Facial Specialist Licensure

• Enroll in a facial specialty program offered at a Florida school of cosmetology
• Complete a minimum 260 hours of education
• Complete the Facial Specialty registration application
• Pay $75 fee

Full Specialist

• Hourly requirements = 500 (240 nail hours + 260 facial hours)
• 16 years of age
• Submit application and certification of hours
• Pay $75 fee

If you are ready to start comparing makeup schools that offer programs that lead to these types of licensure, use our listings of beauty schools to get started.

Be sure to ask each school how they help makeup artists develop the professional skills to work in the area of makeup artistry that interests you. For instance, some schools may have better relationships with TV and film companies, while another school may work with a lot of employers who need makeup artists for commercial photo shoots. That’s why it really helps to speak with several makeup artist schools before making a decision.

Education Requirements to Get A Makeup License in Florida

Here is a quick breakdown of what kinds of makeup artist courses you can expect in cosmetology, facial specialist, full specialist programs and makeup artist specific programs.

Florida Cosmetology Courses

• Makeup artistry techniques that range from seasonal, bridal, theatrical, FX, and more
• Nail specialist skills, such as manicures, pedicures and creative techniques
• Facial health and science for all types of skin care services
• Master haircutting and styling, including color and design for all types of clients

Facial Specialist Classes

• Principles in Facial and Skin Care technology
• Topics in Cosmetology
• Skin Care and Facial Theory
• Skin Analysis
• Makeup and Color Analysis
• Salon Treatments

Full Specialist Courses in Florida

• Nail specialist skills (manicures, polishing, pedicures, coloring, extending nails)
• Massaging of hands and feet
• Facials, including massage and treatments with oils, creams and lotions
• Shampooing and washing hair, as well as applying tonics
• Professional makeup skills
• Principles in esthetics
• Skin analysis

Additional Makeup Courses in Florida may include:

• Bridal
• FX
• Seasonal
• Fashion
• Male and senior
• Airbrush
• Special occasion
• Daytime & evening
• Stage, film and TV

How to Get a Makeup Artist License Renewed in Florida

Florida makeup artists license requirements are met through cosmetology, facial or full specialist licenses and need renewed every two years. You will either be in Group 1, which renews by October 31 in even-numbered years, or you will be in Group 2, which must renew by October 31 in odd-numbered years. The application and renewal fee for all these licenses is $55.

Want to learn how you can become a makeup artist in Florida? All you have to do is take the next step and contact schools that offer FL makeup artist courses to get going!