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Makeup Artist Licensing in Minnesota



Minnesota Makeup Artist License Requirements

Are you ready to start your professional makeup career, but want to know the makeup license requirements Minnesota has in place for make up artist occupations? Minnesota offers prospective makeup artists two paths to official licensure. You can either earn your cosmetologists license, or you can earn your esthetician’s license.

While neither of these programs is a substitute for an in-depth makeup program, either program can enhance your skills– making you more appealing to clients and potential employers.

Cosmetology and Esthetician Programs in MN

Do you want to compare make up programs to cosmetology programs? If so, visit our page dedicated to Minnesota cosmetology programs. If you love the idea of having hair stylist and nail technician skills, in additions to cosmetics expertise, you may want to add those to your menu of services.

If you want to learn about Minnesota esthetician programs, it could be a smart move. Estheticians and makeup artists are the closest in occupational duties, and esthetics programs usually have comprehensive makeup courses. Visit this page to connect with schools in your area.

Are you ready to find out more information about earning the equivalent of your makeup artist license in MN? Use our directory of makeup artist schools to get started!

Education Requirements to Get a Makeup Artist License in Minnesota

Makeup artist schools in your area will most likely offer a variety of program types to choose from. They may vary in length, cost, subject matter, and some may have unique makeup artist courses.

Others may offer additional training in eyebrows, eyelashes or nails. Some beauty schools offer all types of cosmetology related programs and make it simple for students to obtain education in multiple areas of beauty schooling.

Makeup artist courses in Minnesota may include:

• Bridal
• FX
• Color Theory
• FX
• Character
• Film/TV
• Daytime/evening

Cosmetology programs will include courses in hair, nails, professional skills, and salon management, in addition to a foundation in makeup application. Esthetician programs will include make artistry, plus other courses in skin care, facials, hair removal, waxing, and other cosmetic skills.

How to Get a Makeup Artist License Renewed in Minnesota

It doesn’t matter whether you fulfill your makeup license requirements Minnesota by earning your cosmetology or esthetician license, you will need to be aware of Michigan’s updated license renewal policies.

According to the bulletin posted by the Board of Cosmetology, operators no longer have to prove work experience to renew a license. Cosmetologists and estheticians do need to complete continuing education credits. These typically involve infection control topics and professional practice courses.

These licenses renew every three years, and currently cost $81 to renew. If you pay late, which would be after the last day of your birth month, you will have to pay a $45 late fee.

Contact the schools listed here to learn more about programs that help fulfill MN makeup artist licensing requirements.

Find Make-Up Artist Training Programs in Minnesota

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School Accreditation

You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.