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Makeup Artist Licensing in Wyoming



Wyoming Makeup Artist License Requirements

If you live in Wyoming and want to work in the beauty industry as a makeup artist, you need to understand the license requirements before making any decisions. First of all, you have two choices when it comes to earning the equivalent of a Wyoming make up license. You can either earn your cosmetologist or esthetician license. Both of these programs can broaden your skills and create more employment opportunities – especially at spas and salons.

Do you want to compare the two options for licensure, along with what you can expect in makeup programs? If so, use these links to learn more:

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Even with the benefits of these other programs, you should really look into makeup specific programs to ensure you get a comprehensive set of skills. Some schools may allow you to pursue makeup training at the same time as your cosmetology or esthetician training.

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Education Requirement to Get a Makeup License In Wyoming

Even though you may not have to follow a set of makeup license requirements, you will want to get a broad set of skills to enhance your professional opportunities. When you compare makeup artist schools you should look at every angle of every program before making your decision. Be sure the schedule, cost, curriculum, career assistance, all help you work towards your goals.

Make up courses in Wyoming:

• Special effects
• Character
• Daytime/evening
• Facial structure
• Color theory
• Wedding

Many schools have their own unique set of makeup artist courses, workshops, and other trainings for professional skill development. Cosmetology and esthetician programs will include makeup artist classes. But may not teach the specialties that makeup artist focused courses include. These are the skills that separate makeup artists from esthetician and cosmetologist based duties.

How to Get a Makeup Artist License Renewed in Wyoming

It doesn’t matter if you earn your cosmetologist or esthetician license to work as a make up artist, you’ll need to understand the renewal process. Both licenses have the same renewal timeline and fees. When you receive your license for the first time, it is good for one year. From there, renewal is an every other year process. License fees amount to $96.

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