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Illinois (IL) Makeup Artist License Requirements

Illinois has several types of professional opportunities for makeup artists. Chicago, famous for theater, and home to a booming film and TV industry, provides places for a makeup artist to work in the industry. Makeup artists can also find work in advertising, photo shoots, as well as with bridal and special event work.

If you have a passion for working in the beauty industry, and love all things makeup, you might want to know if you need a make up artist license in IL to get started.

As far as makeup artist license requirements in Illinois, you do not need to obtain a license to work in this state. This means you can be compensated for applying makeup without having formal training. This means you can focus solely on makeup artistry, and enroll in a program specific to that area. Or, you can take one of the two directions other students take when they want to expand their career options.

Some students who want to work in salons or spas earn their cosmetology or esthetician license in place of an Illinois makeup license.

Illinois Cosmetology license:

• 1500 hours of education/training
• Online exam for cosmetologist license is $180
• Endorsement of license $45

Illinois esthetician license:

• 750 hours of education/training
• Online exam cost is $156
• Endorsement is $45

If you aren’t sure whether you should enroll in makeup courses, or cosmetology or esthetician program, contact schools listed here. They can help you figure out the best path towards a career as a makeup artist in Illinois.

Education Requirements to Get A Makeup Artist License in Illinois

Since you do not need to adhere to a specific set of education requirements or earn a makeup license to apply makeup for compensation in Illinois, you can focus on choosing the right kind of makeup artist training for your career.

Some programs can be completed in as little as a few weeks, while others may take months. Considering the amount of advertising, film and TV work performed, especially in the Chicago area, you should make sure to consider makeup schools that will help you work in these industries.

Make up artist course topics that your program should cover include:

• Color theory
• Facial structure
• FX makeup
• Bridal
• Theater/Stage makeup
• Film and TV
• Runway model
• Photo shoots for advertising
• Airbrushing
• Daytime & evening
• Seasonal
• Male and senior makeup

How to Get a Makeup Artist License Renewed in Illinois

Since you do not need to earn a makeup artist license, you do not need to worry about renewal. If you earn your cosmetologist or esthetician license in Illinois, then you’ll need to learn more about those requirements.

To learn more about makeup artist schools in Illinois, contact the ones listed here to get started!

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