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Makeup Artist Licensing in Georgia



Georgia Makeup Artist License Requirements

If you want to know how to earn your Georgia make up license, you’ll need to meet the state requirements. You have two options for meeting these qualifications- you can become a licensed Master Cosmetologist, or you can become a licensed esthetician.

If you want a makeup artist license, Georgia recognizes both of these routes. Which route you choose should be based on what kind of makeup artist career meets your interests and skills. What’s more, earning one of these makeup license substitutes will help you develop a broader set of knowledge for providing services to your clients.

Sometimes, beauty schools will offer standalone makeup artist programs that you can take in addition to cosmetology and esthetician training.

Georgia Cosmetologist License Requirements

• Complete 1500 hours of training
• Pass the PSI examination ($64 cost for practical exam, and $45 for theory portion)
• Submit an application for a new license ($30 fee)

Georgia Esthetician License Requirements

• Complete 1000 hours or training or 2000 hours of apprenticeship
• Complete esthetician practical and written tests (administered by PSI exams online)
• Complete the application requirements ($30 fee)

For more information about enrolling in a cosmetology program to earn your makeup artist license, GA schools are listed on this page. If you want to find out about esthetician licensing in Georgia, you can go here to take the next step.

Education Requirements to Get A Makeup Artist License in Georgia

If you decide to take a make up artist focused program, you will take a deep dive into the skills clients and employers expect from professional artists.

Makeup artist courses in Georgia may include:

• Theater, movie and TV
• Photo shoot makeup
• FX
• Daytime & evening
• Bridal
• Airbrush
• Foundation and corrections

Cosmetology programs will usually cover foundational makeup artist courses, plus additional topics, such as:

• Haircutting, coloring and design
• Nail specialties
• Skin care and the science behind it
• State rules and regulation for safety and sanitation
• Facial massage

Esthetician programs will typically cover the following areas:

• Physiology and histology
• Skin disorders and disease
• Facial massage
• Facials and treatments
• Hair removal
• Makeup artistry

You will want to speak with advisors to get a better understanding of which type of program will help your Georgia make up artist career the most. So go ahead and contact the makeup artist schools listed here to make the best decision for your education.

How to Get a Makeup Artist License Renewed in Georgia

Makeup artists who become a master cosmetologist need to renew by March 31 in even numbered years. Those who become estheticians need to renew by August 31 of odd numbered years.

You will also be expected to take a 5-hour continuing education course as part of the renewal process. The cost of this course is currently $19.95.

Ready to start working as a professional makeup artist in Georgia? If so, contact the makeup schools near you to learn more about their programs, and how they can prepare you for the career you want!

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School Accreditation

You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.