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Makeup Artist Licensing in Nevada



Nevada Makeup Artist License Requirements

For prospective beauty students who want to know the makeup license Nevada requires, there are several paths you can take to work in this field.

Working as a make up artist in Nevada can offer professionals many career paths as well, especially with the lively entertainment culture in Las Vegas and other tourist-heavy areas.

Nevada has a few options and rules for working as a makeup artist. If you want to work as a freelance makeup artist outside of the salon and spa system, then you do not need a makeup artist license.

However, if you want to work in spas or salons, then you’ll need to earn your cosmetologist or esthetician license. While you might want to hurry through a makeup specific program to start your career, there are benefits to consider these other two types of paths.

Cosmetology programs can give you hair and nail skills that your makeup clients might want or need as well. And esthetician programs can give you strong facial science, waxing, hair removal and other abilities that employers look for.

Are you interested in learning more about cosmetology programs as your route to a makeup artist license in NV? Or do you want to compare makeup schools to esthetician training? Use the links below to get started:

Nevada cosmetology programs
Nevada esthetician programs

If you plan to work independently, and you’re ready to learn skills that Nevada makeup professionals rely on, contact makeup artist schools today to learn more about this creative career path!

Education Requirements to Get a Makeup License in Nevada

Makeup artist programs will vary in course topic, length, cost, and other factors that can affect your decision to enroll. That’s why we recommend speaking with several advisors and instructors first. They will be able to help you understand which program or direction will lead you to a makeup career as quickly as possible.

Make up artist courses in Nevada:

• Daytime/evening
• Special event
• Bridal
• FX
• Theater
• Film/TV

Be sure to choose a program with makeup artist courses that align with your career aspirations. Sometimes schools and salons will offer additional training that can enhance your skillset. Make sure you inquire about the professional outcomes that each program is geared towards. That way you can be sure to enroll in a program that makes sense for your desired career path.

How to get a Makeup Artist License Renewed in Nevada

The road to becoming a skilled make up artist has many different routes to success. If you do complete an esthetics or cosmetology program for licensure, you will want to learn the renewal process and procedures.

Nevada requires cosmetology and esthetician license holders to renew every two years at a cost of $70. Professionals must also complete four hours of continuing education in the areas of safety, sanitation and infection control.

Do you want to know how you can pursue the type of makeup artist work that fuels your creative passion?
Contact the schools in our directory to learn about their makeup artist programs today!

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School Accreditation

You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.