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Hair Schools for Styling and Design

If you want to use your creativity in a career field that lets you make an impact daily in other’s lives, then hair school is for you.  During a hair design program, you will combine textbook training with hands on learning with real clients to teach you everything hair styling and beauty related.  Once you have successfully completed your hair styling program you will be prepared to take your state’s cosmetology board exam.  Then you are on your way to an artistic career as a hair styling professional.

Hairstylist Training and Certification Requirements

There are a few different ways to become a professional hairstylist. First you must have a high school diploma or GED before working to obtain a certification or diploma from a cosmetology program. Certification is obtained by enrolling in a cosmetology school or hair design school and undergoing a program that takes around nine months. Most cosmetology schools require that hairstylists take part in an apprenticeship with a lot of on-the-job experience. Afterwards a licensing exam must be taken.

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An associate degree in cosmetology is another way to get the requisite training. Associate degrees will give you more in-depth knowledge of hairstyling and specific subjects such as facial anatomy and skin problems. If you choose to get an associate degree, you will be taught to perform other services such as facials, scalp treatment, and other things. This makes you more likely to have better job opportunities because of their education.

Licensing is the final step to becoming a hairstylist. You must take an exam that tests your abilities on the skills gained in your hair design school.

Because of the ever-changing nature of style, as a hairstylist, you should regularly attend seminars and workshops in order to learn about the latest trends.

Hair Design Career Path and Opportunities

Once you are ready to get started in the beauty industry, you may start out as apprentices who work under hair styling and cosmetology professionals. This will allow you to watch, learn, and perform tasks to further refine your talent. They’ll answer phones, clean the shop, schedule appointments, and do various other jobs.


My mum’s hairdresser was looking for an apprentice…the rest is history!- Anne Veck, salon owner

Taking an apprenticeship in hair styling is not a requirement though.  You may instead decide to find employment at a hair salon, barbershop, hospitals, and even hotels and resorts. There is a demand for hairstylists, and the need for them is set to increase with time. However, higher positions in a salon can become quite competitive.

You may also be interested in working for fashion magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire if you wish to style for editorial pieces and photo shoots.

The salary of a hairstylist starts out at around 20,000 dollars a year and can increase up to 40,000 depending on the clientèle.

Hair Styling Day to Day Responsibilities

Hairstylists have many responsibilities. They must be able to cut, buzz, and style the hair of many clients each day. They can also be expected to do more complicated, specialized work like frosting hair and doing hair extensions if they are certified in that area. The hairstylist needs to be able to communicate with their client so they can produce the kind of result their client wants. They must also be able to foresee what hairstyles work best with the client’s face and give the client advice when prompted.

Hairstylists are expected to take care of other responsibilities around the salon as well. Cleaning the shop, sanitizing work spaces, and ordering more supplies when necessary are all part of the job. They also may have to accept payments and try to encourage clients to buy gel, mousse, or other hair supplies that are sold at the shop.

If the hairstylist is a freelancer, they will have to deal with the business and extra tax implications of freelancing.

To become a hairstylist, one must be willing to enroll in a cosmetology program and apprenticeship and cater to individual’s needs and desires to look their best. Juggling many responsibilities and working long days are necessities that people must consider before entering the profession. Passion plays a large role in hairstyling!

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