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Makeup Artist Licensing in Rhode Island



Rhode Island Makeup Artist License Requirements

Working as a makeup artist can give you a creative outlet and diverse working environments where you can be creative and social. Rhode Island does not have an official makeup artist license, but there are requirements for working in this occupation. You can either earn your cosmetology or esthetician license to work in this state. Both options offer different benefits and additional skills you can use to find employment in spas and salons.

In cosmetology programs, you will receive makeup instruction along with additional courses that focus on hair, nails, facials, and other salon techniques. Esthetician programs will include several makeup courses, along with waxing, hair removal, head massage, eyebrow and eyelash work, and other topics related to facial science.

Do you want to look into esthetician and cosmetology programs to compliment your makeup artist courses, and gain licensure? If so, use the links below to get more information about these options…

Rhode Island esthetics and skin care programs
Rhode Island cosmetology programs

To find out how quickly you can train to be a professional make up artist, use our directory of schools to get started!

Education Requirements to Get a Makeup Artist License in (RI) Rhode Island

While there may not be a set of official academic requirements for makeup artist courses and curriculum, you should weigh your options carefully. Many makeup schools have their own way of doing things. Duration of programs, cost, and other important characteristics can differ greatly from school to school.

Makeup artist courses in Rhode Island:

• Wedding
• FX
• Daytime & evening
• Color Theory
• Facial Structure

When you reach out to schools, make sure you review the courses they offer and discuss how they align with your makeup career aspirations.

With the right makeup training and cosmetology or esthetician’s license you can be a diverse professional that can save the day in some working environments. For instance, you may be working a makeup job and realize they need emergency hair services because the hairdresser canceled. You can offer to step up if you have completed cosmetology training.

Or, let’s say you have a makeup client who needs a facial, or you want to pursue work in a salon that performs hair removal – having your esthetician’s license could benefit you in both cases.

How to Renew a Makeup License in Rhode Island

Whether you fulfill your cosmetologist or esthetician’s requirements in place of a makeup license, you need to understand the renewal process. Cosmetologists and estheticians must renew their licenses on or before the 1st of September on an annual basis. The fee for renewal is $25.

Contact makeup artist schools in Rhode Island to find out how they help students prepare for careers in make up artistry!