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Virginia Makeup Artist License Requirements

For prospective makeup artists, one of the first questions is “What kind of license do I need?” There isn’t a specific license for makeup Virginia offers professionals who want to work in this area of beauty. Those who want to apply makeup for compensation must either earn their cosmetology or esthetician license in this state. While both of these types of programs pave the way for licensure, neither of them can replace the in-depth makeup skills that can be learned in a makeup artist program.

Cosmetology programs include a makeup portion, but also give you hair and nail training. Esthetician training is probably the best path for those who want to focus on skin care, and head and neck techniques. Esthetician programs can teach you how to perform facials, waxing, hair removal, and head massage. No matter which type of program you choose, it never hurts to have additional skills on your resume. Who knows, they may come in handy when you want to apply for spa or salon work?

Use these links to compare both paths towards licensure:

Virginia cosmetology programs
Virginia esthetician programs

Want to figure out the best path towards a makeup artist license, VA will recognize – and develop the skills clients will love you for? Contact the makeup artist schools in your area to get moving!

Education Requirements to Get a Makeup License in Virginia

You may not have to worry about taking specific makeup artist courses in this state, but you should review each program carefully to make sure the classes align with your goals. Make up artist programs will also vary in duration, cost, fees, and other important ways that can affect your decision.

Makeup courses in Virginia:

• Daytime/evening
• Wedding
• Color theory
• FX
• Film
• Television

When you speak with schools, be sure to ask what kinds of career outcomes in makeup, their program can prepare you for. Also, ask what relationships with employers they have. This can give you a good idea if it’s a good fit for you.

How to Get a Makeup Artist License Renewed in Virginia

If you earn your cosmetology or esthetician license as your makeup license, VA requires that you meet the renewal requirements or your license will be suspended or revoked. You must renew your license by the last day of the month in which your license was given – every two years. The fee for renewal is $150.

Want to work in makeup but aren’t sure where to start? Just reach out to the makeup schools listed here to start narrowing down your options!

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