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Makeup Artist Licensing in Alaska



Alaska Makeup Artist License Requirements

Do you want to work with make up in your career and live in the state of Alaska? Are you a current esthetician who is thinking about making the move to Alaska? Or are you a prospective student who wants to know the quickest route to a career as a makeup artist in this state?

No matter what your situation or path you want to pursue in the world of makeup and facial beauty, there are professional standards that Alaska requires everyone adhere to before working in this state.

To work as a professional who applies makeup for compensation, you must become a licensed esthetician in the state of Alaska.

Makeup Artist and Esthetician Licensing Requirements:

• Must complete a 350-hour board approved course or program
• OR – students may complete a 350-hour board approved apprenticeship in place of the course
• Must pass the written and practical portions of the esthetician exam administered by the state
• Fees and materials due by examination dates. Here are the 2016 dates, and here are the scheduled 2017 dates
• More information about how you can prepare for the testing requirements can be found in this Esthetician Examination Packet

If you want to pursue an esthetician program in Alaska, visit our page dedicated to Alaska estheticians and school information.

Education Requirements to Get A Makeup Artist License in Alaska

A board-approved esthetician program will cover the topics that are focused on in the written and practical portions of the state exam. You will also learn a variety of techniques involving skin care, hair removal – and of course makeup.

Esthetics and Makeup Artist Courses:

• Safety standards and sanitation
• Makeup artistry techniques (day, evening, theatrical, bridal, gender and age specific)
• Customer service
• Human anatomy
• Facials (express, advanced, specialty)

Makeup Artist Schools can help you prepare for work in several environments, including:

• Professional photo shoots
• Theater
• Film
• TV
• Salon
• Spas
• Bridal
• Special event

To work in this creative beauty profession, contact schools in your area that offer makeup artist courses for Alaska esthetician requirements today!

How to Get a Makeup Artist License Renewed in Alaska

Makeup artists need to renew their esthetician license by August 31 of odd-numbered years, regardless of when they are issued – except in the cases where licenses were issued within 90 days of the expiration date.

How to Renew an Esthetician License in Alaska

• Here is a link to the renewal application
• Renewal fee is $180
• Mail application with check or money order, or using your credit card on the application
• Fax and email not accepted forms of submission

Are you ready to start working in the world of makeup artistry in Alaska? Contact the schools in your area today to learn more about their AK makeup license esthetics programs. They can help you create a plan of action to achieve your goals for a career in the beauty industry.