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Fashion Design Schools and Programs

If you dream about being a fashion designer, stylist, makeup artist, or even a fashion consultant, then you can turn your dreams into a reality by pursuing your education at a fashion school. BeautySchools.com has compiled the top fashion programs located throughout the United States to help you learn about everything from eco-friendly design to makeup application for couture models.

“Without proper foundations there can be no fashion.” –Christian Dior

Some of the top fashion programs in the world are found at the California College of Arts, University of Cincinnati, Parsons School of Fashion Design, Fashion Institute of Technology and Otis College of Art and Design. Courses you can plan on completing during your education from a fashion school include sustainable design strategies, sustainable production of textiles, ethical fashion, business, professionalism, runway fashion and more. If you are interested in pursuing your education at a fashion school, you should be sure to check out the courses offered at the school before your enrollment. You may also wish to learn whether a school offers internship opportunities that can help you gain valuable connections in the community.

Join Associations Available for Fashion Majors

Getting involved in fashion organizations can help you to develop the connections that you need to have a successful fashion career. Some of the leading organizations in the fashion industry include:

If you aspire to work as a fashion designer, then you may want to use your time in school to meet as many other established fashion designers as possible. These established professionals may be able to offer you an internship opportunity or help you learn how to promote your own fashion designs. You can also use your time wisely by checking out organizations that models are known for joining, such as the World Model Association. You may be able to build a portfolio of your designs and find a model who is willing to pose in your designs at a low cost. You should also spend your time becoming aware of the leading publications in the fashion world. If your designs are published in a magazine like Allure, Vogue, or Dress, then you have a better chance to get the word out about your talent to other fashion designers or houses of fashion.

Work in the Fashion Industry

The BlS reports that fashion designers earn an annual salary of $72,000 a year. There are about 16,500 fashion designers who currently work in the United States. Understanding marketing services may lead you to more opportunities in the world of fashion.  For example, if you are able to effectively use social media, then you may be able to host your own virtual fashion show allowing people from all over the world to be exposed to your product.  The fashion industry is rapidly growing and now is the time to follow your dreams.