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Makeup Artist Licensing in District of Columbia



District of Columbia Makeup Artist License Requirements

The District of Columbia has their own unique system for regulating estheticians, which is what kind of license you need if you are looking for a makeup license in the District of Columbia.

If you want to work in one of the many makeup artist related careers in our nation’s capital, then you’ll have to earn your aesthetician license. There are two tiers to their model for licensure.

When you speak with schools about becoming a makeup artist, you will want to ask if they follow the criteria outlined and required by the state of Virginia.

The two types of programs:

• Aesthetician (600 hours)
• Master Aesthetician (600 hours)

If you want to learn more about esthetician programs in Washington, DC, visit this page to connect with schools in your area.

Education Requirements to Get A Makeup Artist License in District of Columbia

If your goal is to earn a DC makeup license, or the equivalent, you will need to consider makeup schools that offer the following curriculum requirements for either of the two approved esthetician programs:

Esthetics courses

• Cleansing, stimulating, manipulating, and exercising skin
• Applying oils, antiseptics, and masks
• Manual extraction (including comodone extractor, depilatories, waxes and tweezing)
• Chemical exfoliation
• Hair removal (electrolysis, laser, pulsed light)
• Additional procedures with hands, high-frequency or galvanic electrical apparatus or heat lamps

Master esthetician courses

The following are procedures that can be used for cosmetic purposes, and fall under the practice of master level esthetics in Washington DC:

• Body wraps
• Hydrotherapy
• Chemical Exfoliation
• Sanding
• Advanced extraction with lancet
• Mechanical or electrical work for cosmetic purposes
• Lymphatic massage

If your main professional focus is make up artistry, then you will also want to consider makeup artist schools or esthetician program that include a variety of instruction in application and theory.

Common makeup artist courses in District of Columbia may include:

• Color theory
• Facial structure
• Contouring and shading
• Bridal makeup techniques
• Photography for advertising
• Theater, Film and TV

Most makeup artist courses and programs end with a certificate of completion. You will want to speak with each school’s advisors to learn about the career prospects for those who complete their program.

How to Get a Makeup License Renewed in District of Columbia

Makeup artists who earn their esthetician license as their District of Columbia makeup license, will need to renew every two years – but only after completing a minimum of 6 continuing education credits. These credits are meant to keep professionals current in the latest trends and best practices.

Are you ready to add more colors to your career and work in the fashionable world of makeup? Contact the beauty schools in Washington DC listed in our directory to compare their makeup artistry and esthetician programs!

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