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Makeup Artist Licensing in Mississippi



Mississippi (MS) Makeup Artist License Requirements

Are you trying to figure out what makeup license Mississippi requires for professional makeup artists? It’s pretty simple- to become a make up artist in this state you must earn your esthetician’s license from an approved cosmetology school.

This training includes 600 hours of classroom and practical experience. Esthetics programs typically include a comprehensive makeup application curriculum. But, you may also want to consider makeup artist programs in addition to your esthetics program. Makeup artist-specific programs can give you the kind of in-depth skillset to offer the widest variety of services to clients.

As stated above, esthetician programs are your best route to a makeup artist license. And we have plenty of information about schools and programs in MS, which you can find by visiting the link below:

Mississippi esthetician programs

Be sure to speak with multiple makeup artist schools to get a sense of the best type of program for your goals. They can also tell you which programs will help you prepare for your makeup license requirements, so you can work as a professional as quickly as possible.

Contact the makeup artist schools in our directory to learn more.

Education Requirements to Get A Makeup Artist License in Mississippi

Make up artist courses Mississippi beauty schools offer can vary. Some may offer a complete set of courses as part of an overall program, while others may let students take courses in areas that apply to their makeup artist goals.

No matter what kind of program you choose, at least make sure you can receive a broad set of practical skills upon completion.

Typical Make artist courses:

• Theater/film
• Models
• Daytime/evening
• FX
• Bridal
• Advertising
• Editorial
• Senior/male

You should get in touch with several makeup schools before choosing a program. You may want a program that focuses only on make up, or you may realize a broader curriculum is right for you.

Esthetics courses will include makeup application, but help you learn facial science, waxing, eye beautification, and several skin care techniques that spas and salons offer clients. Anatomy, physiology, ethics, and sanitation are critical parts of all esthetician programs. You may even get to learn how to work with hair removal equipment in some programs.

How to Get a Makeup License Renewed in Mississippi

You will want to learn the makeup artist license requirements in MS if you want to keep your professional status in good standing. The esthetician license renewal process in this state is pretty straightforward.

The initial license and renewal fees are the same: $50. Unlike other states, Mississippi doesn’t require estheticians to take continuing education courses.

Ready to find out more about enrolling in makeup programs while earning your esthetician’s license in Mississippi?

All you have to do is contact the schools listed here to take the next step towards a creative career in makeup!