Makeup Artist Licensing in California

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California Makeup Artist License Requirements

Learning about the California makeup license regulations can be confusing for students that are just starting to consider this colorful and diverse career path. In California, many makeup artist professionals work as unregulated freelancers. This is especially true in the film and entertainment industry.

However, this industry is still regulated in other areas, including in salons, spas and weddings. If you want to work as a makeup artist in any of these settings, will need to earn your cosmetology or esthetician license to apply makeup for compensation.

To learn more about earning your esthetician license as the equivalent as having a California makeup artist license, visit this page to get information and connect with schools.

You can also find out how to earn your cosmetology license as the equivalent of a makeup license in California by visiting this page.

If you really want to learn the best way to work as a makeup artist in California, you’re going to need industry professionals on your side. The best way to connect with professionals is to contact makeup schools in your city. They’ll be able to tell you if their makeup artist courses align with your goals as a makeup artist.

Education Requirements to Get A Makeup Artist License in CA

If you are going to works towards your certification as an esthetician in California, you will want to enroll in a make up program that includes the topics you’ll be tested on in the NIC Advanced Esthetics exam.

NIC exam topics for estheticians:

• Factors that affect the skin
• Structure and function of the layers of the skin
• Chemical and mechanical exfoliation
• Electricity and use of various electrical equipment
• Facial treatments
• Dermatological and plastic surgery terms
• Chemistry

In makeup classes in California, you will likely encounter courses in:

• Theatrical, film and TV makeup
• Runway modeling makeup
• Bridal and special occasion makeup
• Understanding facial structure
• Color theory

How to Get a Makeup Artist License Renewed in California

If you do earn your esthetician makeup artist license in California, here’s what you need to know: the renewal fee is $50, but increases to $100 if you pay after the deadline. You’ll also need to renew your license every 2 years in odd numbered years during the month of your birthday.

As you know, there are hundreds of film and television companies in California, particularly in the Hollywood and Los Angeles area, who rely on the services of skilled makeup artists. If you want a career where you help others look their best, it doesn’t get much better than being a makeup artist in California!

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