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Achieve your goal of becoming a nail technician! Whether you want to work at a salon or manage your own business, finding the right program is your first step toward success. BeautySchools.com understands the importance of getting the facts straight before making this important decision. That’s why we have compiled a complete introduction to the profession, and the schools in all 50 states that offer nail technician programs. It’s all right here for you to take advantage of! After learning more, contact a few schools in your area to compare the programs. That way, you can be sure to make the best decision for your future! If you enjoy talking to a variety of people, and making them feel confident, you may be on the right path.

Find a Nail School

As one of fastest growing career paths in the beauty industry, nail technology has much to offer. This customer oriented field is the perfect niche for artistic individuals who enjoy staying on top of the latest trends. Nail technicians identify customer needs, while offering advice and suggestions about popular styles and colors of the moment. Because of the connection between beauty services and style, some knowledge of fashion can be useful. However, strong communication and social skills are a necessity, as building a steady client base relies heavily on earning the trust and respect of repeat customers.

A Typical Day for a Nail Technician

Daily routines can differ considerably in this dynamic field. Self employed nail technicians may spend the bulk of manicuretheir day overseeing other workers, tracking revenue or checking supplies and ordering inventory, while an individual who work in spas or salons will typically interact with customers and perform more of the nail services and treatments. Between clients, a nail technician would clean and sanitize her tools and maintain her work area for her next appointment.

During an encounter with a client, technicians determine what services are desired and ensure comfort and relaxation. Some clients may request a full set of silk wraps and a pedicure, complete with massage and exfoliation, while others may simply desire a nail polish change. Regardless, every client is important.

Training and Licensing Information

A crucial part of a nail technicianā€˜s job is helping clients maintain strong and healthy nails. During manicures and pedicures, technicians must be able to shape, clip and care for the nails and nail bed without causing injury or damage. Therefore, during training programs, nail technicians learn how to recognize signs infections and other problems with the nail matrix, nail plate or nail bed.

Contrary to some beliefs, caring for fingernails and toenails requires significant knowledge and skill, particularly since nail thickness and texture differs from one person to the next.

While licensing requirements may vary by location, the common thread among them is that an applicant must have obtained a high school diploma or equivalent and she must be 16 years or older. Beyond the general requirements, nail technicians should expect to complete a cosmetology program that is accredited by their state, which may be offered through a vocational school, private institution or in some cases, students are offered training in their high school. Upon completion of the program, prospective nail technicians must successfully pass a state licensing exam consisting of both written and skill assessments.

Work Schedule and Environment

There are a few different options to choose from in terms of where nail technicians work. Depending on her personal preference, needs and location, a nail tech may choose to work in a spa, full-service salon or boutique or she may choose to open her own shop or offer mobile services, catering to clients in their own homes. There is a lot of flexibility for the aspiring nail technician. Likewise, nail technicians often enjoy flexible hours, though spas, salons and boutiques commonly require a set schedule.

Nail Technologist Salary Information

Careers in nail technology are fun jobs that offer comfortable salaries, while allowing people to partake in something they enjoy. Some people consider these jobs as hobbies, since the work is not as stressfull as many other careers today. For those people, who would like to begin a career in this field and are wondering how much it pays, this article may be of help.

Average Salary for Nail Technicians

While the salaries of nail technicians may vary significantly depending upon many factors, the average salary range is about $12,000 to $32,000 per year. Most technicians work about 35 hours per week, and the Labor Statistics Bureau states that the overall median wage, as of 2012, was $21,440. This figure may rise or fall depending on fees, hours worked and various other factors.

Average Salary Based on Employer Type

One of the largest factors that determines a nail technicians salary is who they are employed by. Those who choose to work for travel accommodation facilities or within department stores tend to make the most, earning an average of about $27,340 and $27,560 respectively per year. However, those who choose to work in salons or recreation centers make only slightly less at about an average of $26,170 per year.

Average Salary Based on Location

Location is another factor that can significantly affect the salary of nail technicians. According to the Labor Statistics Bureau, the highest paying state in the US for this profession is Alaska, with an average salary of $29,460 per year. Iowa comes in second, paying an average of $28,420 per year; and Tennessee comes in third, with an average mean salary of $27,380 per year. This all boils down to an average hourly rate of anywhere from $7.30 to $14.25 per hour.

Career Outlook

Nail technicians are currently in high demand and according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is a trend that is expected to continue. Opportunities within the manicure and pedicure field are ideal for individuals who possess a creative flair and keen eye for detail, as well as superb interpersonal skills. Many schools can also prepare you to open your own salon, where you can maintain total control over your career and business.

The Labor Statistics Bureau predicts that the employment opportunities for nail techicians will increase by about 19 percent over the next few years. What this means is that there will be close to 14,300 new job openings for prospective technicians. The main reason for this increased demand is the increasing number of salons and spas opening within the US.

Required Training

While the requirements to become a nail technician vary from one state to another, there are some basic requirements that are the same for every state. First of all, for people to become a nail technician, they must be at least 16 and have a high-school diploma or equivalent. They must also obtain the proper training from an accredited school. Finally, they will need to acquire a license by completing an exam in the state where they want to work.

The job of a nail technician is a fun career that offers a comfortable salary as well. There are many factors that determine how much money technicians can earn, and the above factors are the most significant. The job outlook for nail technicians is terrific, making this one of the best careers for people to choose today.

If you are ready to learn more about becoming a nail technician, simply enter your zip code or city below to find results in your area. Remember, it’s a good idea to request information from multiple schools to be sure you weigh your decision carefully. Good luck on your journey toward success!

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