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Fashion Schools in North Dakota

North Dakota, in spite of its largely rural layout, still has a large community of fashion designers who are an impressive part of the Midwestern fashion industry. To make it in this field, you must be extremely creative, able to work under pressure, and interested in keeping up with trends that influence your area and your field.

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Overview of Fashion Design Schools and Curriculum in North Dakota

The curriculum of your fashion design program should tackle many fashion skills and areas of knowledge. If you pursue an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree, you should be confident about creating, improving, selling, and marketing your designs upon graduation.

Early courses in your curriculum may include Visual Merchandising, Apparel Product Management, Apparel Merchandising, and Consumer Decision Making in Fashion Products. With these courses under your belt, you can move on to more advanced courses like Fashion Drawing and Sketching, Fashion History, Computer-Aided Fashion Design, and Sewing Essentials for Designers.

While proceeding through your degree, you should complete a portfolio that displays your fashion interests, your design skills, and your growth in the industry. By polishing up your portfolio before you graduate, you can have a design piece that helps you apply for jobs around North Dakota.

Job and Employment Outlook for Fashion Designers in North Dakota

The fashion industry is fairly stable, with more job growth occurring in large urban areas than in small rural areas. If you’re willing to commute or relocate to an urban area for your job, you may have more success in your job search. You may also be able to earn a fairly competitive salary, particularly if you study a specialty area of fashion or have great connections in the field. Per O*Net, the average salary for a fashion designer is $63,800 per year.

You can learn more about North Dakota’s fashion industry by attending local events and connecting with other designers. Minot Fashion Week is an annual event that brings together designers from all over the state.

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