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Fashion Design in Alaska



If your idea of fun involves checking out new clothing lines at your favorite stores, putting together unique outfits that express your style, and helping your friends do fashion makeovers, then you may be the perfect fit for a career in the fashion industry. In the state of Alaska, you may choose to create designs, create clothing that meets the needs of Alaska residents, and contribute to the international fashion industry.

As a designer, you’ll need to be flexible, hardworking, and self-motivated. Though you may be overseen by supervisors and managers, you still must be able to work by yourself much of the time and meet strict deadlines.

If you’re ready to delve into the fashion industry of Alaska, learn more now by reaching out to fashion design schools in Alaska.

Choosing a Fashion Design School in Alaska

Throughout your two to four years in school, you may work on many important fashion skills. After all, designers don’t just imagine clothes and sketch them. They must also sew, tweak, pitch, and sell their designs effectively. In the early stages of your education, you can plan on taking courses like Foundations of Fashion Drawing, Foundations of 3D Design, Communication for Design Professionals, Introduction to Fashion Sewing, and Sources of Design. These courses help you start exploring this industry and developing some important skills.

High-level courses in your curriculum may provide you with the in-demand abilities that employers look for. Classes you may take include Design Methodology, Fashion History, Fashion Marketing and Brand Development, Fashion Drawing, Design and Draping, and Entrepreneurship in Finance.

Even the courses that are based in theory include some practical work. This is because you must build on your fashion portfolio throughout the duration of your education. With a strong portfolio, you can sell your skills to potential employers and display your growth as a designer. Depending on which school you attend, you may also be expected to complete an internship during your time in school. An internship can put you in touch with local designers and help you build a professional network.

Working as a Fashion Designer in Alaska

A professional network is clearly important in this field. Consider attending events like Alaska Fashion Week to keep your finger on the pulse of fashion and put in some face time with successful designers near you.

Job openings may increase near you, depending on which part of Alaska you live in. Job growth tends to be higher in urban areas, while jobs may be less plentiful in rural or suburban areas. Keep in mind that being open to relocation may help your job prospects after graduation.

Whether you decide to become a freelancer or seek traditional employment, you may earn a competitive salary in this field. Per O*Net, the average salary for a fashion designer is $63,800 per year.

Find out how you can use your skills in this exciting industry. Use our school listings to reach out to fashion design schools in Alaska.