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Fashion Design Programs in Massachusetts

Have you ever watched a fashion show and thought, “I could make those designs look even better!”? Maybe your natural creativity gives you great ideas for clothing, patterns, and colors. If any of this sounds like you, you may be the perfect fit for a fashion design program in Massachusetts! Massachusetts is home to Boston, one of the largest fashion cities in the United States. It’s home to major fashion brands like Puma.

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To thrive in a fashion design program, you need to be tenacious, hard-working, and adaptable to the trends of your area and demographic groups. You can develop these skills in a program that focuses on fashion design in Massachusetts. In addition to teaching you about the fashion trends that are popular around the world, fashion schools in Massachusetts can help you get specialized experience in the fashion industry of New England. Check out our schools list to find opportunities near you!

Find a Fashion Design School

Choosing a Great Fashion School in Massachusetts

No matter which fashion design school you choose to attend in Massachusetts, you can plan on learning the same basic set of skills. Fashion design schools cover important skills like illustration in fashion design, pattern drafting, fitting clothing to your demographic group, and using computer applications to create your designs.

There are several degree options you can choose from in this field. If you simply want an introductory education and want to pursue entry-level careers in fashion, consider a two-year Associate’s degree. These programs may be available at technical schools, beauty schools, and community colleges. A Bachelor’s degree, which generally takes about four years, may offer a more well-rounded education if you want to work in specialty design or start your own business.

When you begin your education, you may take basic courses like Color Theory, Figure Drawing, and Pattern Making. These are some of the most important skills in a fashion career, so it’s crucial to begin developing them early and working on them throughout the course of your education. From there, you may learn how to create patterns for more difficult pieces of clothing, like pants, blouses, and dresses. You may also develop your skills of fashion illustration, since drawing for fun or for art is entirely different from drawing for fashion design.

Hands-on experience is a very important part of this career, so you can plan on spending a lot of time outside the classroom. You may live in the art studio or computer lab, developing your artistic skills and working on assignments. Many schools require the completion of an internship at a local fashion site.

Career Outlook for Fashion Design in Massachusetts

Though the fashion industry is fairly strong, job openings for fashion designers may not be increasing as quickly as job openings in other fields. However, this may start to change as the economy bounces back. Between 2012 and 2022, O*Net doesn’t expect much change in job openings for Massachusetts fashion designers. The job outlook may be better in large cities like Boston, so you may need to consider relocating.

Even though job openings may not be expected to increase very quickly, fashion design salaries in Massachusetts are competitive. The average salary for a Massachusetts fashion designer is $69,700 per year (O*Net, 2013). They report salaries ranging up to $108,400 per year (O*Net, 2013).

As you work through your degree program and start working in the fashion industry, there may be many events and organizations that can help you take your career further. The Boston branch of Fashion Group International represents many Boston-area designers. The Design Industry Group of Massachusetts is another excellent resource for design professionals. Through groups like the Boston Fashion Meetup, you may be able to connect with other fashion designers.

Fashion will never stop changing, so this industry needs innovative designers who can keep up with the times. Use our school listings to find fashion design schools in Massachusetts today!

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Fashion Design Schools in Massachusetts

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