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Fashion Design Schools in Texas

Whether you are passionate about fitness wear, children’s clothing, haute couture, or everyday casual wear, your interest in fashion could lay the groundwork for a rewarding career in fashion design. Put your natural creativity and your artistic skills to work in a new career in an exciting, changing industry.

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Get your start in the fashion world today by reaching out to the fashion design programs in Texas listed below.

Texas Fashion Design Schools

Texas has a large, diverse fashion industry, which may make it an excellent place to start your career as a designer. You may work with international fashion designers in large cities like Austin or Dallas, or you may choose to explore opportunities with local designers in other parts of the state. As a new fashion student, you can explore your opportunities and start building connections in your part of the state.

Most fashion design programs in this state lead to either an Associate’s degree or a Bachelor’s degree. Associate’s programs typically take about two years, while Bachelor’s programs take roughly four years of full-time study. Undergraduate programs tend to emphasize the importance of practical experience, so get ready to put your newly-gained skills to use with a local fashion employer.

In the early stages of your education, you may take courses that give you an overview of the fashion industry and help you start developing your skills. Classes in this category include Foundations of 2D Design, Communication for Design Professionals, Fashion Drawing, and Design Methodology.

With your core courses completed, you may quickly move on to more in-depth fashion design classes that explore different parts of this field. High-level classes in this degree program include Fashion History, Fashion Marketing, Brand Development, Wovens, Design Methodology, and Trend Forecasting.

Working as a Fashion Designer in Texas

By the time you graduate with a degree in this field, you should be able to create, tweak, and pitch designs in a variety of specialties. You should also have a comprehensive portfolio that shows off the best of your work and displays your personal sense of style to potential employers.

Though the fashion industry is relatively stable in the United States, it is growing extremely quickly in Texas. Through the year 2022, O*Net believes that job openings may increase by 28% in Texas. Salaries in this state tend to be fairly similar to those reported across the country. O*Net reports a statewide average of $53,700 per year.

Attending fashion shows and participating in them should be part of your career. Depending on where you settle down in Texas, look into local events like Houston Fashion Week and Austin Fashion Week.

You could change the face of fashion in Texas. Start planning for your future now by contacting fashion design schools in Texas.

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Fashion Design Schools in Texas

We're sorry. We could not find any schools that offer this program.

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