Fashion Design Schools in Iowa

Do you anticipate the newest trends before they hit the streets or watch in awe as designers’ latest creations walk down the runway? If you’ve ever felt like you want a career that explores your creativity and lets you help people express themselves, fashion design school could be perfect for you! While attending a fashion design program in Iowa, you can learn how to draw and bring your ideas to life, predict upcoming fashion styles, and make your designs hit home with a target market.

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Attending fashion school in Iowa may give you the chance to explore different events and opportunities throughout the Midwest. Iowa State Daily reports that high-performing fashion students at Iowa State attended Omaha Fashion Week in 2014, giving them time to make some powerful career connections and see what all the rage is in Midwest fashion. At, our comprehensive school listings can help you find the ideal fashion school for your needs!

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Fashion Design Programs in Iowa

There are quite a few fashion design degree options in Iowa, so you might want to take your time getting familiar with the options near you! We recommend contacting schools you’re interested in and finding more about what they offer fashion design students.

As a fashion design student, you may have to build up your skills in many different areas to become a great designer! A big part of this degree is theory. You need to know how colors work together, the ways in which different fabrics work, and how the human body works if you’re going to design attractive, wearable clothing. Some of the theory-based courses you may take include Color: Theory and Application, Elements and Organization of Design, and Introduction to Textiles.

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In other classes, you may hit up the design studio or computer lab to work on your artistic skills. As a designer, you may need to create dozens of sketches per day to meet clients’ needs and tweak your creations. You may take courses like Introduction to Draping, Advanced Fashion Sketching, and Computer-Aided Fashion Design to develop your skills in a variety of settings and with a range of technologies.

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You may also need to learn more about the intricacies of the fashion industry itself if you want to stake your claim in it. You can plan on taking courses like The Business of Fashion, History of Fashion, and Concept Development to discover how the industry works on the inside.

Fashion Careers in Iowa

In Iowa, you may benefit from an excellent job outlook for fashion designers! From 2012 to 2022, O*Net expects a 14% increase in job openings for fashion designers. This is quite a bit better than the national job outlook, which predicts a decline in fashion jobs through 2022 (O*Net, 2012). You may find job openings at manufacturers, retailers, design firms, or freelance companies in Iowa.

Though there is little information on fashion design salaries in Iowa, you can look at national averages for a good idea of how much fashion designers may earn. Per O*Net, the average salary for a fashion designer is $63,800 per year. On the high end of the salary range, the top 10% of fashion designers in the United States earn more than $127,200 per year (O*Net, 2013).

There may be quite a few fashion events that you can attend as a fashion professional in Iowa. Attending these events may have a great impact in your career, since you can learn about new trends and build connections in the fashion industry. Midwest Fashion Week is an annual event that is often attended by Iowa designers. The Fashion Show is an Iowa-based event.

Fashion can be a vibrant, exciting field for creative individuals! Use the beauty school listings you can find at to take the first step in your career.

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Fashion Schools in Iowa

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