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Minnesota Fashion Design Programs

Swimsuits, boots, tops, jeans, dresses, baby onesies, and outerwear—what do all of these things have in common? They are imagined and created by fashion designers every day! If you’ve ever looked at an outfit and thought about how you could improve on it, you may have a knack for fashion. This career may be perfect for those with a creative spirit, a strong work ethic, and an interest in the latest trends.

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Minnesota is known for its eclectic fashion community, which includes designers in different specialties and parts of the state. CBS Minnesota reports on Jen Scheffler, a Minnesotan jewelry designer who’s known for her creative use of beads and bright colors. No matter which specialty you’re interested in, a degree in fashion design may be the first step for you. Ready to look into fashion design in MN? Check out our school listings below to find out what opportunities are waiting for you!

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Fashion Design Education in Minnesota

As a fashion design student, you have to decide which type of degree you want to earn. The degree you choose may determine how thorough your education is and how much time you spend in school. An Associate’s degree can give a good introductory education in fashion design, while a Bachelor’s degree may provide a more extensive education. Keep reading to learn more about what you can learn in a fashion design program.

Since fashion design requires skills in many different areas, you may take courses in several different areas each semester. You may explore fashion technology in courses like Computerized Pattern Design and Computer-Assisted Design. These courses teach you how to use fashion design programs to more effectively convey your designs.

However, you must still be able to sketch your designs on paper and communicate effectively that way. To that end, your curriculum may include courses like Knitwear Design, Artistic Sketching, and Sketching for Fashion Design.

Many fashion design programs include coursework in fashion specialties, allowing you to explore different niche markets. In many cases, these are counted as elective courses, so you can choose classes that fit your career goals. Specialties you may be able to study include children’s wear, formalwear, swimwear, women’s clothing, and men’s clothing. Exploring a variety of specialties can help you apply your knowledge in different ways.

Working as a Fashion Designer in Minnesota

The fashion industry is quite varied and diverse in Minnesota, which may lead to different career paths and options for you. Quite a few fashion designers go on to work for large chain retailers or wholesalers. This may involve creating clothing for one demographic group or for any potential customer base. Overall, the job outlook for Minnesota fashion designers is fairly positive. From 2012 to 2022, O*Net anticipates a 1% increase in job openings in Minnesota. This is better than the national decline of 3% (O*Net, 2012).

The salary you earn may depend on your experience and seniority. O*Net reports that the average salary for a Minnesota fashion designer is $52,200 per year. On the high end of the salary range, some fashion designers in this state earn more than $109,200 per year (O*Net, 2013).

The fashion industry often has a very strong community that can support new and aspiring designers. For example, Minneapolis home to Fusion + Fashion, an annual event that shows off the best of Minnesota fashion design. Attending an event like this can help you network with other designers while advertising your skills.

Fashion design is a growing field with room for skilled designers. If you’re ready to work hard, contact local schools today by using our fashion design school listings!

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Fashion Design Schools in Minnesota

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