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Fashion Design in Maine

As the largest state in New England, it’s no surprise that Maine is a big part of this region’s fashion industry. In fact, many of the region’s most well-known fashion designers come from Maine. From swimwear and fitness wear to formal wear and children’s clothing, Maine is full of employers and factories that create all types of fashion.

Invested in the fashion industry and ready to find out what it can do for you? This industry may have numerous opportunities for you if you are interested in working hard and building your skills throughout the course of your career. You may get the chance to work in different specialties, travel throughout New England, and even make a name for yourself in the international world of fashion.

Find out how you can get started by learning contacting the fashion design schools in Maine listed below.

Fashion Design Schools in Maine

The classes you take as a fashion design student are designed to challenge you in many different ways and make you a more competent fashion professional. Some of the classes you take are focused on your artistic development. You must be an overall good artist, but more specifically, you must be able to draw to the standards and specifications of the fashion industry. Throughout your education, look into courses like Fashion Studio Experience, Fashion Illustration, and Drawing for Fashion Design.

You also need a working knowledge of the fashion industry to work effectively in this field. Classes like Fashion Design History, Fashion Marketing, and Fashion Merchandising, you can find out what it takes to be successful as a designer.

Some of the courses required in your curriculum focus solely on practical experience. In these courses, you may create your portfolio, get critique from instructors and your peers, and learn how to interview for design jobs. At the end of these classes, you may have to complete a capstone project or gain work experience through an internship. Don’t be afraid to use these experiences to build connections in your local fashion community and learn about local opportunities.

Working as a Fashion Designer in Maine

Maine has a promising job outlook for designers, so you may have multiple options to consider when you graduate. Per O*Net, job openings for Maine fashion designers are expected to increase by 6% by the year 2022.

As another benefit, salaries in Maine tend to be considerably higher than the national average. The average salary for a Maine fashion designer is $80,300 per year (O*Net, 2013). This is over $15,000 higher than the national average (O*Net, 2013).

Portland Fashion Week is one of the many fashion events that are open to Maine designers. Getting your designs into events like this one can help you become established in the community.

Your career in fashion design can start right now. Just use our school listings to contact fashion design schools in Maine.