Louisiana Fashion Design Schools

Do you spend your free time combing fashion magazines, looking for new trends and trying to figure out how to work them into your wardrobe? If you’re the person people turn to when they need to find the perfect outfit or make an accessory work, you may have considered a career in fashion design. This career path requires innovation, a strong sense of creativity, and the ability to take criticism, but if you’re willing to develop these traits, you could become Louisiana’s next big fashion sensation.

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Louisiana has turned out a number of successful designers over the years, so you may be able to bring your unique flair to the fashion industry. The Times-Picayune reports on Billy Reid, a Louisiana fashion designer whose southern designs took New York by storm. AL.com notes that Louisiana fashion designers saw great success at Coastal Fashion Week, which featured major fashion designers from the region. Use our fashion design in Louisiana school listings to find educational options near you!

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Fashion Design Courses in Louisiana

You may be excited and ready to learn about all the aspects of a career in fashion design. Still not sure what you may learn in the course of your education? Get familiar with what fashion design programs may include if you study in Louisiana.

Lots of what you study may focus on how clothing works, what you need to keep in mind as a fashion student, and what factors may play a role in how you create clothing. This involves thinking about clothing in ways that consumers never do, since you have to predict problems and issues before they even crop up! You may take courses like Draping Fundamentals, Flat Pattern Design, Constructed Silhouettes, and Fabrics for Fashion.

Of course, your artistic skills are incredibly important in this field. You can’t just be a great artist; you must be able to draw in a way that shows off your designs and shows design companies what they want to see. To hone your artistic design abilities, you may take classes like Model Drawing for Fashion Designers, Fashion Art and Design, Life Drawing, and Computer-Aided Fashion Design.

One of the most important parts of your degree program may be practical experience. This experience is priceless, since it gives you an inner look at the workings of the fashion industry. You may work underneath an experienced fashion designer, pitch your designs to companies, and even help with a local fashion show.

Careers in Fashion Design

With an education and relevant experience in fashion design, you can work in quite a few different settings. Of course, many graduates want to work for high-end fashion designers. However, you may also create clothing for retail chains, independent clothing boutiques, wholesalers, and merchandising firms. Overall, O*Net expects a slight dip in fashion design jobs between 2012 and 2022. However, if you work in one of Louisiana’s larger cities, you may have a more positive job outlook.

This is a field in which salaries vary greatly from person to person. As you gain experience, seniority, and a good reputation in the field, your income potential may increase accordingly. The average salary for a fashion designer, according to O*Net, is $63,800 per year. Reported salaries range up to $127,200 per year (O*Net, 2013).

Attending fashion shows and joining fashion organizations are two great ways to further your career. The International Textile and Apparel Association has a fairly large showing in Louisiana, with regular training events and networking opportunities. New Orleans Fashion Week happens early every spring in Louisiana.

With a career in fashion design, you can bring your creative ideas to life. Check out our fashion design in Louisiana school listings to get started on this career path!

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Fashion Design Schools in Louisiana

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