Michigan Fashion Design Programs

When you think about fashion design, you may think about some of the largest cities in the fashion design. However, every region has its own unique sense of fashion. Michigan, thanks to its extreme temperatures and its mix of urban and rural areas, has a booming fashion design industry. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make heavy winter clothing look attractive or meet the needs of a specific demographic group, fashion design in MI could be a great program choice for you.

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Explore a Career in Fashion Design in MI

Fashion design programs in Michigan can help you develop the abilities and knowledge you need to work in many different fashion specialties. As Michigan develops its first fashion incubator,the state’s need for designers may expand rapidly. Michigan has a thriving fashion industry, and in fact has one of the best fashion schools in the Midwest. Ready to explore what a career in fashion could mean for you? Contact our featured schools below.

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Studying Fashion Design in MI

When you decide to study fashion design, you get to explore a variety of exciting topics that may stretch your creativity to its limits. Keep reading to find out what it means to enroll in a fashion design program.

Some of the training you get in fashion design may focus on the theory and history of fashion design. Knowing where the fashion industry has been and where it may go can help you become a more creative and trend-forward designer. Courses you may take include History of Fashion, Introduction to Fashion Studies, and Fashion Design Through the Ages.

However, you can expect to spend much of your time gaining practical skills or putting your existing abilities to the test. Artistry is a necessity in fashion design, but you must be able to draw in a way that matches industry standards and expectations. To that end, you may take classes like Design Studio, Anatomy & Figure Drawing, and Fashion Illustration.

Knowing how to draw isn’t enough; you must also be able to create designs that people love and want to buy. You may take courses like Color Theory, Pattern Design in Fashion, and other courses that show you how to envision and bring to life designs for different demographic groups.

Working as a Fashion Designer in Michigan

Upon completing your fashion design education in Michigan, you may be able to use your skills in many different settings. Some designers work for chain clothing stores, creating clothing for a range of customers and budgets. Others take on high-end jobs in fashion design, working for exclusive designers or boutiques to buck the trends and meet market demands. You may also find work with a wholesaler or fashion design firm.

Fashion designers earn a wide range of salaries anywhere in the country, and this trend continues in Michigan. O*Net reports salaries ranging from $25,800 to $101,600 per year, showing that experience and seniority can really change your earning potential in this field. The average salary for a Michigan fashion designer is $48,500 per year (O*Net, 2013).

There are many fashion shows, weeks, and associations throughout Michigan that can help you further your career and get to know other designers in your area. Some are school-specific, so you may join a group as a student and continue on as an alumni member after graduation. Each year, Michigan Fashion Week brings together designers from all over the state and showcases their designs in runway shows. These sorts of events can help you make a splash in Michigan fashion design.

Fashion design is a creative field that is waiting for dedicated, unique individuals to make their mark. To take the first step, contact Michigan fashion design schools today!

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Fashion Design Schools in Michigan

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