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Fashion Design in Mississippi

In the southern United States, fashion design is a major industry. Fashion designers must be able to combine the history of this area with international design influences, other American fashion design trends, and a little bit of southern charm.

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When you commit to a career in fashion design, you have to meet the needs of many different groups. If you’re ready to use your creativity, your communication skills, and your passion for clothing, this may be the field for you.

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Fashion Design Schools in Mississippi

Before you choose a school, look into different curricula and find out what you can learn from a fashion design program in this state. You may also want to look into the fashion instructors at each school. Studying underneath a teacher who has specialized in your field of interest may help you get a leg up in your chosen industry.

Before taking courses that specifically relate to fashion design, you may build up your general artistic skills with classes like 2D Design, 3D Design, and Foundations of Drawing. These courses prepare you to draw for the fashion industry, a skill you learn in classes like Drawing for the Fashion Industry, Fashion Sketching, and Computer-Aided Fashion Design.

Other courses you take can give you an insider’s look of the fashion industry. In classes like Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Marketing, and Fashion Industry Overview, you can find out what employers in your field are looking for and start learning the right terminology to function in this field.

You may get the chance to put your knowledge to work by taking an internship course. Internships match you up with a local employer that suits your career goals and your specialized skills.

Working as a Fashion Designer in Mississippi

The fashion industry is fairly stable in the United States. Due to the nature of this industry, you may need to be willing to move to a large city or urban area to have the greatest variety of employment options. However, if you decide to become a freelance or self-employed designer, you may choose to work from anywhere in the state. The average salary for a fashion designer is $63,800 per year (O*Net, 2013).

Mississippi, like most other states, hosts regular fashion events to showcase designers’ work. You may want to attend events like Mississippi Fashion Week to make the most of opportunities in your area and connect with successful designers.

Find out what Mississippi’s fashion industry is like. Make your move today by reaching out to fashion design programs in Mississippi.

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Fashion Design Schools in Mississippi

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