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Nevada Fashion Design Programs

Fashion is a big industry across the entire United States, but Nevada may have one of the most active fashion communities in the entire country. With major cities like Las Vegas and Reno, there’s a great need for fashion designers that can cater to different demographic groups and various types of clientele. If you want to use your natural creativity and your interest in the beauty industry to craft a new career, look into fashion design in Nevada.

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Studying fashion can lead to careers in many different specialties and settings, making it a great choice for people who want to expand their career options. You need to be willing to develop your artistic skills, discover what the industry is looking for, and work long hours if you want to work in fashion. If you have what the industry wants, you could become a breakout success, just like a Nevada shoe designer who discovered his talent during a competition.

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Choosing a Fashion Design School in Nevada

Fashion design schools in Nevada can help you learn all about this industry and turn your skills into a new career. Wondering what you might learn in a fashion design program in Nevada? Learn more about the typical fashion design curriculum here.

The curriculum you follow depends on which type of degree you decide to earn. Some students start out with an Associate’s degree in fashion design. This may give you the entry-level skills you need to start getting experience in the field. A Bachelor’s degree in fashion design may be another choice.

When you start your fashion design training, you may start with core courses that help you build a base set of skills. Courses in this category include Design Essentials, Drawing Essentials, Figure Drawing, and Introduction to the Textile Industry. With this background, you can start developing your artistic and creative abilities. Later courses in your curriculum may include Garment Structures, Computer-Aided Drafting for Fashion Design, and Pattern Development.

Practical experience is typically a very important part of a fashion design program. As you improve your artistic abilities, you may create a portfolio that you can use post-graduation. Additionally, many schools in Nevada require you to complete an internship or practicum with a local fashion designer.

Job Outlook for Nevada Fashion Designers

If you’re planning to start your fashion design career in Nevada, you may be rewarded with a job outlook that is better than the national average. From 2012 to 2022, O*Net expects an overall decline in fashion design jobs around the country. However, in Nevada, they anticipate a 17% increase in job openings, showing how important the fashion industry is in this state (O*Net, 2012).

Since this field values experience and seniority so much, you may find that your salary potential increases as you gain experience as a fashion designer. Per O*Net, the average salary for a fashion designer is $63,800 per year. They report salaries ranging from $33,600 to $127,200 per year (O*Net, 2013). Your salary may depend on what type of fashion you design and what type of reputation you develop.

Nevada has a strong fashion community, so you may be able to take part in events or join groups that can help you further your career. The Nevada Association of Fashion Design is a popular resource for education, events, and networking. You may be able to showcase your skills in events like Fashion Week Las Vegas.

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Fashion Design Schools in Nevada

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