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Hair Schools in Mississippi

One of the best things about working in the hair styling profession is the brisk pace. While many office, retail and food service jobs WILL put your feet to sleep, most salons and barber shops WILL NOT. There is always something happening at the salon. You become a part of so many lives and the environment is so casual. Many stylists simply love doing hair and even enjoy spending their off hours with coworkers. So, if you are looking for a rich and rewarding profession that changes as often as the seasons, Cosmetology is a great fit for you.

Hair Cutting Licensing Requirements in Mississippi

To do hair professionally in Mississippi, you need to obtain a Cosmetology, Master Cosmetology, Barbering or Cosmetology Instructor’s license from the Mississippi Board of Cosmetology. You cannot substitute training hours for apprenticeship in Mississippi and once you’ve completed your training, you have to pass a Written and Practical Exam to obtain your license. In Mississippi, exams are only administered in English.You have to attend Cosmetology or Barbering School for at least nine months and complete 1500 Hours of Training before you can sit for your exams for those jobs. To gain the title of Master Cosmetologist, you must complete 16 Hours of Continuing Education after obtaining your Cosmetology License.

Getting your Cosmetology Instructor’s License is a little bit more challenging. You have to first obtain your Cosmetology License and you have to have some work experience under your belt.

If you have less than two years work experience, you must have 12 College Semester Hours and 2000 Hours of Additional Specialized Training before you can sit for your Cosmetology Instructor’s Exams. If you have more than two years work experience, you need 12 College Semester Hours and 750 Hours of Additional Specialized Training before you can sit for your Cosmetology Instructor’s Exams.

You have to renew a Cosmetology or Barbering License in Mississippi every two years and you don’t need Continuing Education to do so. However, it is always a good idea to take CEU courses in order to keep up with current trends. Cosmetology Instructors must have 24 Hours of CEU training to renew every two years and Master Cosmetologists need 18 Hours of CEU Training every two years.

If you are a licensed Cosmetology Professional from another state and would like to work in Mississippi, you have to submit your Application of Intent for Licensure along with records of the Training you’ve completed, your grades and proof that your license is in good standing. Your home state has to send the Training Records and Proof of Licensure directly to the Mississippi Board of Cosmetology. Since transfers are granted on a case by case basis, you will then have to interview with the Board to discuss your qualifications.

Employment Outlook for Hair Stylists in Mississippi

Mississippi is a friendly state with many warm people and good food. Though there are many tourist attractions here, you will find that many of your customers are going to be long time residents. Mississippi also has its share of large exciting cities. In fact, Jackson placed #3 in the Forbes “Best Bang for Your Buck” list.In addition, Biloxi, Hattiesburg and Gulfport also provide excellent urban experiences. Throughout Mississippi, you will find many small towns that are more rural as well, if you are interested in a slower paced working environment. Hair styling professionals in Mississippi typically earn over $20,000 a year plus tips according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.