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Indiana Hair Schools and Programs

Pursuing a hair cutting and styling career in Indiana is an excellent choice. Indiana is a beautiful state with many popular cities and picturesque locales. You will likely find work quickly and easily here, and have the ability to build a successful career, (as long as you have the right foundation). In school, you will learn the basics like wash and dry, simple trims and maybe some light facial massage. In addition, you will learn more complex techniques like layered hair cuts, up do’s, wet set styles, and wet set comb outs.

Hair Cutting Licensing Requirements in Indiana

Indiana personal care licenses are issued by the Indiana Professional Licensing Agency. If you want to work specifically with cutting and styling hair, you can obtain a Cosmetology License, a Cosmetology Instructors License or a Barbering License (for male clients only). For Barbering and basic Cosmetology, you have to complete 1500 Hours of training at an accredited cosmetology school. Then you can test for your license. In order to become a Cosmetology Instructor, you must obtain your Cosmetology License and then you must complete an additional 1000 Hours of Specialized Training at an accredited cosmetology school.

Unlike many states, you get to wait an entire four years between renewals in Indiana and CEU credits are not required for renewal. However, continuing education is encouraged. For hair stylists and cosmetology instructors, you must renew by August 1st every four years and you can always renew up to 60 days early. Renewals cost $40 and if you renew late, it’s $50. Once you complete the renewal process, just wait 24 to 48 hours, then you can go online to print your free license card. You can also obtain the state’s Blue Card for $13.75 at that time if you so desire.

Reciprocity is granted on a case by case basis. If you have completed 1000 hours of training and 5 or more years of work experience in your field (at least 500 hours a year), that equates to a pretty definite, “yes,” from the board. However, for hairstylists, they will often accept 700 hours of training and 3 years of work experience (at least 500 hours a year.) For all other transfers, the board will determine whether your training and experience measures up to the state requirements. You might have to take additional classes or exams if they do not.

Employment Outlook for Stylists in Indiana

With its beautiful landscapes and Americana reminiscent scenery, Indiana is a draw for all types of interesting people. Carve out a niche for yourself in Indianapolis where the sporty guys appreciate a stunning, well-kept wife; or in Fishers, where stable clientele will be your bread and butter; or in Bloomington where the college kids love looking great for their thriving social lives; or in Carmel where you might just earn the best tips. As a personal care professional in the Hoosier State, you will earn approximately $22,500 per year plus tips (according to theĀ BLS).