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Hair Styling Schools in Rhode Island

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) adds that professionals who are trained in cosmetology and other related fields need a high school degree and need to attend a state-supported institution for a cosmetology program. Many of these programs are less than two-years in length or can lead toward an associate degree. Besides the Euphoria Institute, there are other such schools in Rhode Island where a student can learn about cosmetology. After gaining a degree, the student must become licensed in Rhode Island to practice their craft.

Hair Cutting Licensing Requirements in Rhode Island

The BLS explains that all states require cosmetologists to be licensed in their state. This is because of the unique regulations that have developed around the public health, cleanliness, professionalism, and procedures these cosmetologist professions developed over time. The Rhode Island Board of Cosmetology provides licenses for professions like barbers, hair dressers, hair design shops, manicuring shops, and other establishments. Under the Rhode Island application, potential cosmetologists need to pay fees, have a transcript from a state-approved cosmetology program, a high school transcript, and the results of a practical or written examination (depending on the type of profession).

Employment Outlook for Hair Stylists in Rhode Island

The BLS measures the occupational income and outlook of professions like hair stylists, barbers, and general cosmetologists. According to the BLS, all of these professions should enjoy a 14 percent growth in employment between 2010 and 2020 due to increasing demand. These professions will be needed more from the growing population needing hair care that is both necessary (like a haircut) or for aesthetic reasons (like getting a new hair style that is part of a larger fashion trend). As of May 2012, the state of Rhode Island had 1,180 hair dressers and cosmetologists earning $27,510 on average per year. Nationally, the BLS reports that hair dressers and cosmetologists earn an average annual salary of $26,790. The lowest ten-percent of hairdressers and cosmetologists earn an average annual salary of $16,850, while the upper ten-percent earned an average annual salary of $42,360.