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Montana Hair Cutting Programs

Applying to accredited hair schools in Montana is an outstanding career option for anyone who enjoys working with others and who likes to see the results of their labor at the day’s end. The state has much to offer hair stylists, and opportunities in the larger cities of Billings and Butte provide access to professional salaries and abundant career choices. With lots of smaller towns, stylists can enjoy rural living and have plenty of time to enjoy the state’s abundant parks and recreational areas.

Overview of Hair Schools in Montana

While enrolled in school, students can expect to receive the hands-on experience that is crucial to their success in the field. Beginning classes work with mannequins and wigs, so students can learn the basics behind styling and the different clipping techniques that are essential while working in a professional hair salon. As classes progress, advanced courses may offer practical experience working at a beauty parlor or barber shop that is run by the school. Some students also take courses that provide more information about manicures, pedicures and facials to improve their career skill set and ensure they land a job upon graduation. For students who are interested in operating their own beauty parlor in the future, some schools offer detailed courses that provide information about business accounting and modern management techniques.

Hair Cutting License Requirements in Montana

Landing a job in one of the state’s professionally licensed beauty salons is a career goal for many people, and graduation from one of the accredited hair schools in Montana or another state is essential. Working conditions are generally professional, and many stylists rent their own booth at a local barbershop. In order to gain licensure status in the state, students have to complete an accredited program and must have at least 2000 hours in the class room before applying to the Montana Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists. For those who are interested in operating their own beauty salon, Montana has an easy approach to licensing that appeals small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Employment Outlook for Hair Stylists in Montana

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) keeps detailed records about the wages that are associated with a particular field, and the group predicts that increased demand for professional salon workers should keep salaries high in the coming years. In addition, the BLS estimates that Montana professionals working with their state license can expect to earn an average of $22,500 per year.