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Maine Hair Schools

If you have ever had a job in an office, retail store or fast food restaurant and have had dreams of possibly styling hair for a living, then you should definitely consider following those dreams. Maine is a great place to work in the cosmetology field and working in a hair salon will provide you with an entirely new employment experience that is more energizing than any of your previous jobs. You can also explore your creative side at work and gain the type of interpersonal skills you will treasure.

Hair Cutting Licensing Requirements in Maine

In order to start working in Maine as a hair cutting and styling professional, you have to obtain a Cosmetology, Barbering or Cosmetology Instructor’s License from the Maine Office of Professional and Occupational Regulation’s Barbering and Cosmetology Program. In order to do this, you must complete the required number of hours of either apprenticeship or training, and you must take the Written and Practical Exam for the job of your choice.

To take your Cosmetology or Barbering test, you must complete either 1500 Hours of Training or work as an Apprentice under a licensed professional for 2500 Hours. To become a Cosmetology Instructor, you must obtain your Cosmetology License, complete 1000 Hours of Training and have some work experience under your belt.

You must renew your license in Maine every year in October and it will cost you $50. If you are a Cosmetology Instructor, you will have to complete 14 Hours of Continuing Education every year in order to renew your license.

Employment Outlook for Hair Stylists in Maine

There is no denying that Maine is beautiful country. With its picturesque forest land, coastlines, mountains, lakes and (of course) lighthouses, it’s no wonder that Maine is a favorite backdrop for many popular novels, TV shows and movies.

While the atmosphere keeps the locals loyal, the delicious food is a tourist draw. This is great news for anyone working in the personal care field, since Maine can offer both long term and seasonal clientele.

If you want to work in a more diverse and urban city in Maine, check out Portland, Lewiston/Auburn and Bangor. For a quieter, more conservative type of community, check out Hampden, Bar Harbor or Cape Elizabeth. Cosmetologists in Maine earn about $22,500 a year plus tips, according to theĀ Bureau of Labor Statistics.