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Kansas Hair Styling Programs

Hair school can be quite exciting because you are learning many fun, new techniques like ringlets, hair extensions, foils, deep conditioning treatments, protein conditioning treatments and color correction. Though you might have a tendency towards perfectionism, it is important to realize that hair styling is not an exact science and that pleasing your customers is the most important thing.

Hair Cutting Licensing Requirements in Kansas

In order to style and cut hair professionally in Kansas, you will need to have a Cosmetology License or a Cosmetology Instructor’s License. You can also obtain a Barber’s License to cut and style male hair, however, very little styling is involved with this and you will not learn the techniques required to style women’s hair .

The Kansas State Board of Cosmetology will issue your license after you have completed your required training hours and passed your test. You can only test in English and no apprenticeship or internship hours will count as training hours.

To obtain either a Cosmetologist or Barber’s License, you need to complete 1500 Training Hours at an accredited school before you can test. In order to obtain a Cosmetology Instructor’s License, you must obtain your Cosmetology License and then complete 300 Additional Hours of Training, along with 450 Hours of Teaching before you can test.

You will have to renew your Cosmetology, Cosmetology Instructor’s or Barbering License every two years during the month you originally obtained the license. The cost is $45. Continuing education credits are a good idea, but they are not required.

If you would like to transfer to work as a hair cutting or styling professional in Kansas, you must be licensed in your current state and your current state must verify that you have completed the same number of training hours that Kansas requires or more. If you meet those basic requirements, you must pay $50 and complete a 20 question open book exam. If you do not pass this exam, you will have to take the full written, practical exam.

Employment Outlook for Hair Stylists in Kansas

Kansas is lovingly referred to as, “America’s Breadbasket.” Many of its towns and cities are rural and you will find a lot of prairies and farmlands throughout. According to theĀ US Bureau of Labor Statistics, Kansas beauty and grooming care professionals earn around $20,000 a year plus tips.

As a personal care professional in Kansas, there are several pleasant places you can work and your customer base here will likely be a long term and steady one. If you are interested in a more rural location, you might try Wichita or Topeka. For a faster pace, try Overland Park, which is becoming more and more desirable every year, or Kansas City for its rich social traditions and festivals.