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Delaware Schools with Hair Styling Programs

If you have been considering hair styling and hair cutting as a career, but aren’t sure whether you should snag an administrative assistant or receptionist job for the immediate money that it can bring, you might be surprised to know that many people leave the corporate world eventually to pursue their dream of styling hair, doing makeup or performing some other service in the personal care field.

Overview of Hair Schools in Delaware

Some students wind up attending hair school in the evening while they are still working their office jobs. However, if you choose this route, it might prove to be quite challenging for you. Not only does it take longer to earn your degree, but your boss might not be so happy to know that you’re moving on to greener pastures within the next year or two. So if you have the opportunity to attend hair school, there’s no better time than right now to go for it!

Hair Cutting and Styling Licensing Requirements in Delaware

In order to cut and style hair in Deleware, you can work as a Cosmetologist, a Cosmetology Instructor or a Barber. As a Barber though, you will only be cutting and providing minimal styling for male hair. Before the Delaware Board of Cosmetology and Barbering will allow you to sit for your Written and Practical Exams, you will have to either complete the required training or apprenticeship hours.

To test to become a Cosmetologist or a Barber, you must complete 1500 Hours of Training or 3000 Hours of Apprenticeship

To test to become a Cosmetology Instructor, you must first obtain your Cosmetology License. Then you must complete 500 Training Hours or 250 Training Hours, Coupled with Two Years of Active Experience in the Field.

Renewals take place biannually and the renewal fee is going to be the same as the original fee you paid to get your license. However, your fees might be a little different than, say, a friend of yours who became licensed three years before you did. Renewals take place in even numbered years like 2012 and 2014. Barbers must renew their licenses by March 31st and Cosmetologists and Cosmetology Instructors must renew by October 31st. No continuing education is required, but Delaware beauty patrons demand the best. Continuing education is strongly recommended.

Employment Outlook for Hair Stylists in Delaware

Delaware is a tiny, little state, with a lot of historical significance. In addition, Delaware has quite a few swanky, cosmopolitan areas, so you can expect to earn around $22,500 every year you work as a hair professional here, (according to theĀ Bureau of Labor Statistics). However, depending on where you decide to work, your tips could take you thousands of dollars over that median salary determination. There are many great, upscale clientele bases in Delaware including parts of Wilmington and the well-off oceanfront locales of Rehoboth Beach and Lewes. If you’re looking for long term customers and a more stable client base, you might try cities like Newark, New Castle or the beautiful, capital city of Dover.