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Idaho Schools with Hair Styling Programs

Hair styling is a rewarding career that can help you look younger. After all, it is your job to keep up with what is new and happening in the world of fashion and beauty, so that your clients can look their best. In Idaho, hair and cosmetology schools tend to emphasize an education that provides you with the skills to find employment in the, “real world.” In addition, there are many schools to choose from throughout the state. Many Idaho schools offer financial aid and job placement assistance, so you should make sure to select a school that does offer these benefits before committing to completing your study there.

Hair Cutting Licensing Requirements in Idaho

In Idaho, there are several careers that will allow you to work as a professional in the field of hair cutting and hair styling. These professions include barbering, hair styling and overall cosmetology. Licenses are issued by the Idaho Board of Cosmetology – Bureau of Occupational Licenses and tests are only administered in English.

The training hours you must complete before being allowed to test for licensure in these fields are:

Hairstylist: 900 Hours of Training
Barber Stylist: 1800 Hours of Training
Barber: 900 Hours of Training

Cosmetologists must have work experience, then some must work as student teachers. After gaining the required experience, they can test for licensure to work as a cosmetologist:

  • Beauty Professionals with less than 2 years experience must complete 1000 Hours of Student Teaching

  • Beauty Professionals with 2 – 5 years experience must complete 500 Hours of Student Teaching

  • Beauty Professionals with 5+ years experience within the most recent 7 years can skip Student Teaching and apply for licensure.

You must renew your Idaho license every year on your birthday and the cost is only $20. You don’t have to take any continuing education courses to renew. However, in the beauty business, taking classes is the only way to stay ahead.

If you have an out of state license, you can transfer to Idaho to work, but there is no reciprocity, only endorsement. You must pay a transfer fee of $85, have had an active license in your home state for the most recent 3 years, meet the training requirements in Idaho and have taken both the practical and written exam. You must also be 16 1/2 years old and have completed your 10th grade education. If you have not met these basic requirements, you’ll have to take the Idaho Cosmetology Exam and you might have to complete additional training. Every year of your work experience is equal to 200 Credit Hours of Training.

Employment Outlook for Hair Stylists in Idaho

Idaho is known as the “Gem State,” because many semi-precious stones are mined here. In addition, Idaho richly supplies the nation’s potatoe and lentil industries. Though Idaho has many rural areas, its quality of life rivals that of many states with huge metroplises. In fact Forbes, Sunset Magazine and Fortune Magazine all noted Boise for its quality of life. In addition, there are other beautiful places to live in Idaho, including Nampa, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Coeur d’Alen, Meridian, Lewiston, Twin Falls and Caldwell. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can earn over $20,000 a year working in Idaho, and that doesn’t even include your tips. This makes Idaho a great place to practice hair styling and cutting.