Hair Schools in Washington

Attending accredited hair schools in Washington puts a career in the palm of a person’s hand and lets them enjoy modern living in world-class locations. Seattle is the state’s largest city and is known for its youthful feel and vibrant outdoor parks. With abundant coastlines on the Pacific Ocean and thriving urban cities, like Seattle, Tacoma and Spokane, opportunities to work in a local beauty salon or barbershop are always present and make sure that rewarding salaries are readily available for students when they graduate and pass their licensing exam.

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Overview of Hair Schools in Washington

During a student’s tenure at their school, they can expect to spend about 1,500 hours in the classroom and learn the basic use of conditioners, shampoos and various cutting instruments in a modern salon. In addition to learning how to use the tools of the trade, students can gain valuable practical experience and cut specially made wigs that are realistically placed on top of a mannequin’s head. As a student’s skill set increases, they can expand their cutting and styling repertoire and work in the school-run beauty shop. The classes that are taught also prepare students to pass the national exam that is used in order to regulate professional cosmetologists in most states. With reciprocity, stylists can also easily transfer their licenses from Washington to another jurisdiction.

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Hair Cutting License Requirements in Washington

For graduates of accredited hair schools in Washington, applying to the State Department of Licensing is the next step in their quest for a professional salary. The department has a program in place that requires cosmetologists have a minimum of 1600 hours in school. Barbers need to spend at least 1000 hours in an accredited program, and apprenticed cosmetologists need 2000 hours. For professionals working in the state, the license must be clearly displayed in their station, and continuing education is a requirement of renewals.

Employment Outlook for Hair Stylists in Washington

With increased demand and already-high wages, graduates of hair schools in Washington can expect to earn rewarding salaries and work in professional environments. For motivated stylists who want to open their own salon or booth, plenty of chances are available in the city’s larger beauty shops. In addition, motivated stylists often learn more about the management aspect of their trade and own their open salon. According to the BLS, entry-level salaries averaged $26,790 across the state in 2012.

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Hair Schools in Washington

You may also be interested in these schools that offer Full Cosmetology Programs