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What Are the Education Requirements for Getting My Electrologist’s License?

If you’re interested in electrology, how it works, and how a career in this field of study could get you into one of the hottest beauty fields around, you have come to the right spot. If you love the cosmetology industry because of how quickly it changes and how it makes beauty better for clients, electrology may be the next field of study for you.

Since electrology involves using electrolysis to permanently stop the growth of hair on various parts of the body, you have to be thoroughly trained before you can even think about working on a client independently. Luckily, a growing number of beauty schools are providing dedicated electrology programs to keep up with demand.

This field of study tends to be slightly less demanding than cosmetology, with most states requiring about 500 hours of education to qualify for an electrology license.

Throughout the course of your training, you might study the theory of electrolysis and the technology used. To qualify for licensure, though, you’ll also need to get plenty of hands-on experience. Considering schools that are approved by your Board of Cosmetology can help you pick a high-quality program, which ultimately makes getting your license easier.

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What are the Initial Licensing Requirements for Electrolysis Professionals?

Electrology is still a pretty new field when compared to other cosmetology specialties, which means that licensing requirements across the United States are still catching up. In some states, you don’t have to provide any proof of training hours. You simply have to pass a test on sanitation and safety with regards to electrolysis. In these states, licensure often goes through the Department of Public Safety. In states where you have to pass an exam and provide proof of training hours at an accredited school, licensing tends to go through the Board of Cosmetology.

No matter which way your state goes, be prepared to pay licensing and application fees. You may have to pay up to $150 for your application, licensing, and testing. In other states, licensing fees for electrologists are as low as $25. With your initial license, you are legally allowed to practice as an electrologist until the next renewal period in your state.

As this field grows, licensing requirements might tighten up across the country. Those who have not been formally trained in electrolysis may do serious harm to clients if they do not know how to properly use the equipment. Fully licensing this field strengthens the industry and protects ethical, trained electrologists.

How Do I Renew My Electrology License?

Just about any licensed career in the beauty field also has renewal requirements. Although you’ll have to contact your state’s Board of Cosmetology for specific renewal information, you should plan on renewing your license every one to two years. To qualify for renewal, you may have to submit proof of hours worked or just submit your application and pay the fee. Generally, renewal fees are lower than initial licensing fees.

One aspect of renewal that you should keep in mind is continuing education. Continuing education is becoming a requirement in more and more states. This is actually good for your career and your future as an electrologist. Continuing education keeps your skills fresh, helps you find new and more efficient ways to fulfill your job duties, and keeps you in the loop with regards to state laws and standards.

In states that have require CEUs in electrolysis for your license renewal, requirements can range anywhere from two hours to 12 hours per year. The majority of these states require a set amount of your hours to come from sanitation and hygiene training.

Can I Use My Electrologist’s License in Another State?

License reciprocity is allowed in just about any cosmetology specialty, but it may be more difficult to get if you are an electrologist. Since training standards are so different from state to state, you may find that your training from your home state is not sufficient for the state you want to move to.

Still, electrology license reciprocity or transfer may be an option for you if you are willing to fulfill the educational requirements of your new state. You should have your license sent directly from your home state’s Board of Cosmetology to the Board of Cosmetology in your new state. From there, they can decide if you need to take any qualifying exams, complete any additional training, or if you are ready to go into practice right away.

Some states are fairly flexible with reciprocity and allow you to make up some of your missing training hours with work experience from your home state.

This is the perfect time to get involved in one of the newest specialties in the beauty industry. Take the first step today by requesting information from electrology schools near you!

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School Accreditation

You must attend a school that is approved by your state to provide training in the discipline you want to practice. Check with the school and the state board to be sure that your program of study will prepare you for any applicable state licensure.