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What will I learn in massage therapy school?



Regardless of which state you wish to complete a massage therapy program in, your curriculum will consist of courses that have a strong focus on anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and pathology, in addition to courses that cover different massage therapy techniques and applications.  Most massage therapy schools also require you take courses in business ethics and business management to prepare you for work in the industry.  State’s differ in what areas of study they put more of an emphasis on, so there is no universal set hours you must complete in each area.  For example, Louisiana massage therapy schools require you to complete 325 of your 500 hours of your coursework focusing on massage therapy techniques and clinical practicum whereas massage therapy schools in Texas only require this portion to be 200 of your 500 hours.  Finding a massage therapy school in your area is the best way to see how the school curriculum is broken up.

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What are the most common massage therapy techniques taught in school?

There are a number of different massage therapy techniques that are often taught, some more in-depth than others, during your training program.  You will most likely take courses that focus on  Swedish, aromatherapy and hot stone massage techniques.  Other techniques, that may not be offered at every school may include deep tissue massage, shiatsu, sports massage, reflexology, and pregnancy massage.  If you are interested in becoming specialized in one of these, be sure to ask the schools you are considering if courses in these techniques will be available for you to choose from.

Why do I need to take business courses while in massage therapy school?

It may seem odd to you to take business and ethic courses while completing your required training hours but these courses may prove to teach you the most valuable lessons.  Most states and schools include these courses to train you on the fundamentals of professionalism.  Because you will work with clients day in and day out, it is essential that you learn how to deal with conflicts within professional limits.

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