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What comes in a standard cosmetology school student kit?



tools_shutterstock_167205512_Jan7As a cosmetology student, you need a variety of materials to attend and participate in classes and ultimately make you a successful cosmetologist. Depending on which school you attend, you may have a school-provided student kit or you may need to purchase your own kit that meets your school’s standards.  If you are want to attend a school that offers a full cosmetology program, your kit should contain everything you need to learn and work on hair, skin and makeup, and nails.

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For the hair dressing part of your program, your cosmetology student kit will typically include the following items: hair clippers, razors and shears, a curling iron and flat iron, hair brushes, combs and rollers, curling rods, clips, capes, mixing bowls an of course, your very own mannequin head.  When looking at different cosmetology schools that interest you, be sure you ask if kits come with the tuition cost or if you have to buy your own.  If you have to buy your own, ask if there is a specific brand the school requires in order to guarantee all students are working off he same utensils.

What will come in a kit if my cosmetology program includes nail care or esthetics?

While not all cosmetology programs offer nail care and design in the curriculum, if you enroll in a school that does give you this option, you will need a kit that isn’t exclusive to a cosmetology program.   Kits for nail care will include white, clear, and pink acrylic powder, acrylic liquid monomer, brush cleaner, nail tips, surgical glue, acrylic brush, black nail files, black and white buffer blocks, manicure brush, manicure bowl, mannequin hand or finger.  Find a makeup program today to get started! 

Skin care can be a significant part of a cosmetology program as well at a number of schools, so it too will require extensive materials. The skin care and makeup part of your student kit should include the following items: face washes for different skin types, facial scrub, facial astringent, facial masks, foundation in various shades, eye makeup, including eye shadow and eyeliner, samples of other types of makeup, including blush and lipstick, makeup brushes and tweezers.  Start your search for the esthetic program for you.

In addition to specific materials and items for each course, your student kit should include items that you use in all fields of study. Items in this category include gloves, cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, and mirrors. As these items run out, you may be expected to buy new materials to replace them.

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