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Why should I go to cosmetology school?



There are a number of different reasons why students may decide to go into cosmetology school and enter into the beauty and wellness industry.  Here are some of the top reasons why students like you have made the leap into this exciting career field!


1.  Creative Freedom

Cosmetologists are more than just hairstylists, they are artists.  One of the top reasons cosmetologists pursue a beauty career is because they live for being able to express themselves through their work.  If you enjoy using creative freedom to experiment with new designs, techniques and styles to see transformation, then a career in the beauty industry is just what you need.  Sound like you?


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2. Flexibility

Unlike other careers where you are tied down to a 9:00-5:00 routine, often times sitting at a desk, the cosmetology industry allows you to be flexible with your schedule.  You may be a night owl and prefer to work on clients later in the evening, or maybe you enjoy working on weekends instead.  Working in a salon you will need to work with their hours, but typically you can choose when to put in your time.

3.  Exponential Opportunities

You determine how far you go in the beauty industry by pursing career options that most interest you.  Do you want to work in a salon doing different styling methods and beauty treatment regimes?  Do you want to open your own boutique and work for yourself?  Do you want to perfect the art of makeup artistry and work for top celebrities, fashion magazines or public figures?  In order to do what you aspire to doing, you decide how much work you will put into it.  Will you take continued education opportunities?  Will you network with top professionals in your field?  World renowned hairstylist and author of The Fantastic Hairdresser, Alan Austin-Smith, sums up how to approach your cosmetology goals brilliantly in his book, writing:

“Making the most of your life, achieving the success you desire and having fun doing it.”

4.  Job Security

Even with the job market struggling over the past several years, the cosmetology industry has withstood the instability and has continued to grow.  In 2011, total sales in the beauty and personal care industry totaled near $426 billion.  In addition, the need to look and feel beautiful has only gained momentum.  According to beauty salon industry reports, there were roughly 86,000 beauty establishments nationwide that combined for over $20 billion in revenue in 2012.  It is expected that the number of salons and the revenue gained from not only salons but cosmetics and other beauty products will continue to grow.

5. Connecting with People

Not only do you get to express your creativity day in and day out but you get to make lasting relationships with people.  In salons across the country, you will find that lasting bonds have been formed between stylist and client.  If you truly enjoy the company of other’s and the chance to help transform them physically, then the cosmetology industry is just for you.

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