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What Schooling and Education Requirements Do Fashion Designers Meet?

The world of fashion design is definitely one of the most exciting industries out there. It’s full of exuberant personalities, creative minds, and changing standards, which means that you will never have the same work experience twice. However, if you want to truly succeed as a fashion designer, there are certain skills and types of knowledge you need to bring to the table. That’s where fashion design schools come in.

One of the exciting parts of working in fashion design is the fact that it is not a regulated or licensed profession. This means that you have a bit more freedom in which school you decide to attend, since you do not have to complete a standardized curriculum or earn a specific amount of training hours to start working in this industry.

There are two types of fashion degrees you can earn in most states. The first is an Associate’s degree, which takes about two years. The second is a Bachelor’s degree, which takes about four years. Though neither is technically required, you may want to look at fashion employers in your area to see what type of education they typically look for.

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Are There Licensing Requirements for Fashion Designers?

There are no licensing requirements that you have to meet to work as a fashion designer in any part of the United States. This is because the industry is pretty good at regulating itself. Employers are unlikely to hire a designer without the proper training and education, which means that the chances of poorly made clothing hitting the market are slim. Furthermore, employers can look at your portfolio, your education, your experience, and your industry connections to determine whether or not you are a good fit for their hiring needs.

Since you cannot use a license to prove your dedication to the fashion industry, you may have to work a little harder to prove yourself to potential employers and clients. Joining a national or local fashion design association can go a long way in making that happen. The Council of Fashion Designers of America, for example, brings together fashion designers from all over the United States. Many states and even some large cities have their own fashion design organizations that you can look into as well. Taking advantage of these opportunities can help you learn about new job opportunities and make yourself part of the community.

Having said that, the fashion design field has a lot in common with other beauty professions. That is to say that you may not last long in this industry if you aren’t willing to learn about new trends, new styles, and what is going on in the industry. You do not have to meet any continuing education requirements to work as a fashion designer.

However, attending continuing education programs may strengthen your job outlook and solidify your place in the fashion design community.

Many fashion designers choose to get the education they need through fashion shows, including local, national, and even international shows. This may involve submitting your work to shows or just attending them to see what other designers are doing. You can also attend courses at local colleges or design companies to develop your skills.

If you’re ready to put your love of clothing to work in a new career for you, make your move now and learn about fashion design schools near you.

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