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Will beauty school provide me with a cosmetology kit to complete my program?



As you further narrow down the list of cosmetology schools you are considering, one thing you should be certain to ask is if the beauty school  will provide you with a student kit.    If they do, make sure you know whether or not the cost is included in tuition. This information can help you budget for school and start with the supplies you need.  Although all schools require that you have a kit in order to successfully complete a cosmetology program, it is not universal for schools to supply these in house.  In short, it depends on which school you attend.

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There are many schools that will  include the cost of your student kit in your tuition. In that case, you typically receive the student kit shortly before starting your program. This allows you to check over the kit, ensure that everything is included, and make sure that everything arrived in good condition. National beauty schools, with locations all over the country, are more likely to provide student kits, as this makes it easier to ensure that students from different locations are learning the same methods, with the same tools.

Schools that are based in one area or only have one location are less likely to include a student kit in the cost of tuition. If your school does not provide a kit, they may either give you a list of places where you can acquire an approved kit, give you a list of items you need and let you get them at a beauty supply store, or have one provider where you must buy your student kit.  Start checking out different cosmetology programs today.

How much does a cosmetology kit cost if it’s not provided by the school?

Again, there is no universal answer to this, as there are a number of brands that offer a number of different options for student cosmetology kits.   You will need to use a student cosmetology kit that has the supplies required by your school and each school has different requirements.  Typically, new hair styling kits can be found between $200-$400 dollars, with the main difference being the additional supplies included and the carrying case.  Contacting a few cosmetology schools will give you the best idea for which student kit you will need.

Are books included as part of my cosmetology kit?

Your books are a very important part of your cosmetology education before you begin working on the floor to practice what you have learned in the classroom.   Typically, the only time your school books will be included in the cost of your cosmetology kit is when the school offers on all for one package that includes your tuition, books and kit. This is not saying that all schools that provide student kits bundle costs into one, so when looking at schools be sure to ask what all is included. This can ensure that you have everything you need from the first day of class.

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