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Idaho Schools with Nail Technician Programs

BeautySchools.com wanted to help you make the right decision when choosing nail technician programs. We strive to make sure you know all your options in your area. To view results in your area, simply enter your zip code or request information from the schools below. You may also consider enrolling in a cosmetology program to broaden your skillset to include hair and esthetician skills.

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The state of Idaho has a number of different schools throughout the state that offer training and certification in nail tech. In general, most schools that offer full cosmetology programs also have courses specifically for nail technicians.

For example, The School of Hair-styling in Chubbuck, while specializing in hair dress training, also offers nail tech programs. Just like any other field of study, students enrolling in program can expect about 35-40 hours of school a week, if going full-time, or 15-20 if going part-time. Most schools also require that students pay a one-time fee, which covers their class supplies (though financial aid may be available for qualified applicants).

Overview of Nail Technician Schools in Idaho

Unlike many other study areas, nail technology does not require the student to take a wide range of classes, but rather just one class program. This program typically looks something like this, repeated each day for the duration of the program:

– Check-in
– Theory class
– Clinic Floor Practice
– Clean-up/Sanitation
– Check-out

Licensing Requirements for Nail Technicians in Idaho

Due to health and safety concerns, nail technicians are required to obtain proper licensure. To apply and obtain a license, hopeful nail technicians must have achieved the following:

1. Completed general education through the tenth grade, or earned an equivalent
2. Be older than 16.5 years of age
3. Completed at least 400 hours of training in nail technology
4. Graduated from an approved school (that is, a licensed institution)
5. Pass the NIC exam

The NIC exam is an examination that tests individuals’ technical skill and theoretical knowledge. Applicants will be denied licensure unless they have passed this exam. There are accommodations available for individuals with disabilities. It should also be noted that the test is only administered in English. Upon completing all the above requirements, individuals may then apply for a license and begin their nail tech career.

Employment Outlook for Nail Technicians in Idaho

The average hourly wages for this occupation is around ten to eleven dollars an hour, for an average annual income of about $22,000. Though this can vary greatly from one employer to another and can also depend on the nail technician’s own skill level.

The employment in the area for Idaho is currently at least on par with the statewide average and in some areas of the state the employment rate is actually above average. In addition, this field is expected to grow at an above average rate between now and 2020. It is expected that, in addition to normal growth, many jobs will be added due to older employees leaving their occupation.

Contact the schools below to start your journey towards a career as a nail technician!

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Nail Tech Schools in Idaho

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Scot Lewis Schools – Boise, ID Campus-Paul Mitchell Partner School – Boise, ID
Cosmetology School of Arts and Sciences – Burley, ID
Academy di Firenze LLC – Jerome, ID
Headmasters School of Hair Design – Lewiston, ID
Mr Leon’s School of Hair Design  Lewiston, ID
Mr Leon’s School of Hair Design – Moscow, ID
Razzle Dazzle College of Hair – Nampa, ID
American Academy of Nail Technology and Esthetics – Post Falls, ID
D & L Academy of Hair Design – Twin Falls, ID
Master Educators of Beauty – Twin Falls, ID